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I’ve had such a lack of inspiration lately + being busy with school and a new job... I need something wake up my creativity, any ideas? #artblock #noinspiration #GobiTheDinosaur #trex #sketch #ideaswelcome #requestsopen #helpthisartist


  • 9w ago dollythedinosaur dollythedinosaur

    My keeper made me tiny costumes. I let plushies send me ideas. That helped with being creative and distracting from anxiety for a bit.

  • 9w ago gobi_the_dinosaur gobi_the_dinosaur

    @dollythedinosaur That sounds like a good idea! Thank you for the suggestion!

  • 9w ago athinakku athinakku

    I would actually love to see school-themed drawings with Gobi 😍😍 or him being sad while looking at pictures from summer 😂

  • 9w ago gobi_the_dinosaur gobi_the_dinosaur

    @athinakku Oh I like that! Thank you!

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