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  • 27w ago jaqueline.leee jaqueline.leee

    Super tempted to drive up soon to take pictures.

  • 27w ago naomhz naomhz


  • 27w ago b.ilovea b.ilovea

    @jaqueline.leee awhhh😭 I just want you to meet him! 💕

  • 27w ago dawnasat dawnasat

    Good morning Mother and New member of the family’s that will makes it 12 Great GranKits and many more GranKits 🙏👍😘😘🕺🏻🌺❤️

  • 27w ago b.ilovea b.ilovea

    @dawnasat good morning papa don!

  • 27w ago sistahgrl sistahgrl

    Precious 😍

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