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What are things that we could Cut or engrave that you would find most useful or of value to everyday life, something everyone wants or needs?
We’re in trial of making stocked product and there are so many ways to go
Pets stuff
Stickers, key chains....etc.

BUT, we’re really curious to know what y’all think makes a product good and what kind sells best in our projected market:) #askingforafriend #product #sellingpoints #whatchuwant #whatchuneed #makers #smallbusiness #familyowned #familyoperated #ideaswelcome #feedbackisappreciated #california #helpushelpyou


  • 9w ago shabanshakoori shabanshakoori

    Phone cases?

  • 9w ago mr_mario_tavares mr_mario_tavares

    Pendants? Headpieces for the sparkly folks for sure.

  • 9w ago n_theos_ n_theos_

    Something I can hang up?

  • 9w ago meganpru meganpru

    Framed mirror to hang on the wall; small shelves or wall hooks; little boxes / desk organizers.

  • 9w ago _calamityjane_ _calamityjane_

    This looks familiar 😉

  • 9w ago itsjennahhh itsjennahhh


  • 9w ago kasimar kasimar


  • 9w ago elizabethcroach elizabethcroach

    Honestly I would buy a frame, large mandalas to hang in the home, or some type of bowl for kitchen use.

  • 6w ago djshoelv djshoelv

    Buttons as big or a small as you could make them. For clothes or custom controllers like pyro poofer boards.

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