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Share 1 thing that you wanna work on with yourself or your life. I’ll go first. I want to work on how I talk. I dislike using fill ins (Like/Um). I’d also like to enhance my vocabulary. I don’t wanna keep being that person to ask someone “what do you mean?”. So starting today I’ll be reading more and getting extra help from an expertise in writing and public speaking.


  • 19w ago _victoriasdev_ _victoriasdev_

    I wanna work on not being a procrastinator and letting go my fear of the unknown. I have so many goals but procrastination and fear have been getting the best of me for a while now.

  • 19w ago tmack_211 tmack_211

    Caption!!!!🙌🏾 having more patience for me!!!! And stop procrastinating

  • 19w ago qveenjuls qveenjuls

    I really need to work on my communication skills and articulating my ideas better!! Also, I would like to work not second guessing myself so much!!!

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @richdollarz_ I want you to do the same! You’re naturally funny and we all love watching you.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @jamillahvroue yes! We had this talk before! So much can come from being consistent babe

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @___dlb nothing is wrong with putting someone first at times only if they’ll do it for you as well. Those type of things in life have to be equal to me.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @_victoriasdev_ fear is something that will always be around. You just have to get around it. Feed your mind positive thoughts. Don’t always think of the worst that can happen. And stop being lazy lol

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @lady_guru__ time is one of those things we can get back. You have to value yours. Kick laziness to the side.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @mekabellaa I have that issue as well. Then I find myself rushing. And when I rush I cause clutter and when things are cluttered around me I panic and make not so good decisions. My point is give yourself that extra space. If you gotta be there at 11 tell yourself you have to be there at 10. Best advice I learned from working for someone else.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @sheisquiana yes!!! Start today. When you wake up tomorrow do something different from your normal routine. Something that will make you better at those things.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @aijeecello I use to be closed in. Social but didn’t wanna go out. In order for people to know YOU you gotta get out and get to networking. I know you, you have talent. Stop being lazy.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @qveenjuls start today!!! You always cheer me on and is sure about what I have going on. Have that same energy for yourself. It’s nothing we can’t do. Trust me.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @quickprints215 like listening just to respond. Not good. Everything I do is thought out. Calculated. Time matters. We have some slips but too many just means it’s our fault and not the idea we had. Tighten up. Don’t rush what’s for you.

  • 19w ago bellamekaa bellamekaa

    @malika_m so helpful! Thank you❤️

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @kia_queenme I had that problem before BUT would you wanna tell someone what you’re feeling or bullshit them? Gotta be honest.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @_pyscho.p that starts with yourself. You have to learn how to get in control of your moods. Right now the people around you can control how you feel on the daily basis. Not good. Anyone that makes you angry or hurt you don’t deserve to be in your presence. Understand the energy around you and know that long as you keep that anger in you, you’ll attract those type of people. It’s ok to take a break from people to cleanse your mind and spirit. And it’s also ok to love people from a distance. Especially if it’s for a better you.

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @manchester_pearl that’s what I like to hear!!! Be great!!!

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @northphillykm I agree! I wanna work on that too! We have the time and money to do so. We just procrastinate. Follow @nutritionfax_ best guide to eating healthy!

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @tmack_211 yup! Gotta stop being lazy

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @styledegree never fear the unknown baby girl

  • 19w ago malika_m malika_m

    @ash__kardash_ let’s get to it!!!

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  • 19w ago northphillykm northphillykm

    @malika_m u ain’t lying ...procrastination at its best😩 but good looking following em now 💯

  • 19w ago _victoriasdev_ _victoriasdev_

    @malika_m ❤️😂 Thanks babe

  • 19w ago msugottaluv_me msugottaluv_me

    @boajangles_ me as fukk 😂😂😂

  • 19w ago lady_guru__ lady_guru__

    @malika_m ♥️

  • 19w ago jamillahvroue jamillahvroue

    @malika_m yes your so right! I’m a get it done!!

  • 19w ago _missreeree _missreeree

    My reaction to situations...imma leave it there and not call anyone anymore names....🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • 19w ago qveenjuls qveenjuls

    @malika_m Yes you are so right!! That's Big Facts!! Yes starting NOW no more, second guessing myself!! I'm going to more confident!!! Thank you Malikaaa!!! 😘😘😘😘

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  • 19w ago styledegree styledegree

    @malika_m Thank you! I just started following you, but you are very inspiring and I'm rooting for your success!

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  • 19w ago meek_dollar meek_dollar

    I want to work on branding my a Bussiness selling clothes

  • 19w ago custom_solutions custom_solutions

    Check out Zig Ziglar

  • 19w ago ninaloca215 ninaloca215

    I wanna work on being a procrastinator at times... there might not be a tomorrow

  • 19w ago 1.tr3v 1.tr3v

    I have to work on keeping myself up and my communication skills and speech skills

  • 19w ago cartergoldsmith_az cartergoldsmith_az

    I'm an expert. You can talk to meeeeeeee.

  • 18w ago crownm3__ crownm3__

    I want to work on voicing my opinion more and telling ppl exactly how I feel while also working toward my biggest goal ever remain consistent fearless and confident... I use to lack a lot of confidence in myself but my girls (my faves on here) help me with that more then u know... I just love my faves 😍😍😍😏🤟🏾👌🏾😘#Truebombinspirations😍

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