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Have you heard of SHR?? This unique permanent hair removal technology works for ALL hair and skin types! Even BLONDE hair! It's also the only technology to date that allows you to tan between sessions 😎 and it's PAINLESS!!! Your probably thinking by now.. how is that even possible?!? I'm sure you have heard this before.. "Oh laser is the best for permanent hair removal because it's so strong (and f@#king painful!) it burns hair the best" Eerrr incorrect! Yes it does burn hair but it also mildly burns your skin! (This is why you can't tan between laser sessions) Which means there is a chance of getting permanent pigmentation from laser burns 😱 I literally had a client this week show me her legs which were entirely covered in laser burns from a very common clinic πŸ™„ ANYWAYS.. SHR works by utilizing low heat that is fired 10 times per second into the hair follicles, decreasing the amount of heat absorbed by the skin! Studies have proven that this is MUCH more effective than strong heat and short pulses (laser & IPL). Oh and one more thing.. SHR stimulates collagen regrowth 😏 Click the link on my insta for Prices & more info or visit #shr #melbourneshr #shrmelbourne


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