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A friendly Saturday night reminder for us all. I’m a badass even as I am curled up on the couch on a Saturday night. I’m watching the Disney channel with Scarlett and making silly videos and braiding her hair with tutorials on YouTube that I cannot follow at all. These are the best days of my life.
And I am a badass nesting in the valley of healing. Learning a new way. Hoping my life forward and dropping fbombs and ohmyhells. Living into and/both with the grace of a woman and the grief of a child.
And I am a badass.
No negotiation. EVER. NEVER. EVER.
I’m a badass. Repeat.
I love you. I love me. I love us.
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  • 19w ago colorbwise colorbwise

    That was our book club choice..loved #youareabadassbook

  • 19w ago mericanbadass_ mericanbadass_

    Pretty sweet

  • 19w ago thesuburbanmonk thesuburbanmonk

    So good. 💜

  • 19w ago rosie_harland rosie_harland

    I love her books 🙏💖💖

  • 19w ago mamaladi mamaladi


  • 19w ago heidit80 heidit80

    I only know you from Instagram and I don’t even know how I found you, but I’m so glad I did. I love your posts and your badassery!!! You courage and strength is humbling and I inspirational. Xoxo

  • 19w ago heidit80 heidit80

    @heidit80 *your

  • 19w ago lisapeterson1960 lisapeterson1960

    Love her

  • 19w ago embracing_my_wings embracing_my_wings

    The and/both is the realm of true badassery. And you are the badasstest of all badasses. (don't repeat that, it'll twist your tongue, just know it) Love you! ❤️😘

  • 19w ago bearclaw4 bearclaw4

    "Badass is who you are, who you always will be." Love this! I've struggled with this off and on (less and less as I get older thank goodness!) and this just rocks! By the way, the are the badass 👸🏼👑queen👑👸🏼 of all of us badasses!

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