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All roads are lined with endless grace, I think.
Four years ago today I heard the words #trigeminalneuralgia for the first time. It took me months to even learn how to pronounce it right. But only 5 months to have my first brain surgery in hopes to relieve me of such horrendous pain.
This is where my mind has been. In four years, I have had four brain surgeries and now battle four neuralgias; along with trigeminal, I have #glossopharyngealneuralgia, #genticulateneuralgia, and #occipitalneuralgia. And along the way had the most dreaded outcome after my third surgery leaving me with #anesthesiadolorosa.
A great deal has happened in four years. I’ve never had the outcomes from surgeries we always hoped for. And yet, in other ways, I have healed other parts of me.

So much has happened in four years. By the power of prayer, I am still here. And God’s grace has been the glue that has lined my every road. And it takes time to be okay.
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  • 1w ago beccaweez beccaweez


  • 1w ago paullaestes paullaestes

    Definitely. So much yes in this. Thank you for the reminder. You are a daily inspiration 💖✌️😍

  • 1w ago bradskarla bradskarla

    So good. So true.

  • 1w ago jillfrezados jillfrezados

    I am amazed by you and how you don’t just cope, you actually thrive..!

  • 1w ago kateyospe kateyospe

    You are so brave. Go get ‘em badass warrior!

  • 1w ago karynlind karynlind

    I love this more than I can say. I’ve been searching for words for a new tattoo. Your words might be it. ❤️

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  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @beccaweez 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @paullaestes Paulla, I am so inspired daily by you and this tribe.
    This space is holy ground for me. Sacred. My Sisters here, grace upon grace. 💙

  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @bradskarla 💙

  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jillfrezados Thanks Jill. You are so kind. I’m sending you big LOVE! 💙

  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @kateyospe I adore you! We are such badass warriors!💙

  • 1w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @karynlind I keep trying to think of one too! Placement is the hardest part. Where and what are you thinking? 🤔💙

  • 1w ago karynlind karynlind

    @thejoywarrior I’ve been wanting a saying on my inner bicep with an outline of a book next to it. (since all of this is just another chapter of this long novel)

  • 1w ago suejensenbrown suejensenbrown

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • 1w ago triciasuth20 triciasuth20

    “We’ve never had the outcomes we’ve always hoped for but in the process healed other parts of me.” Wowza. I haven’t had all the physical pain you’ve had but I’ve had emotional pain to beat the band. As I trust in God and His timing, I learn and heal. Grace...Gods power when mine has run out.

  • 1w ago paullaestes paullaestes

    @thejoywarrior 💗💗💗

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  • 1w ago embracing_my_wings embracing_my_wings

    You are amazing. You get to take all the time you need. You're not wrong for being where you are. And if you can have moments where you can be okay with being nowhere near okay, that's freaking mastery. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 1w ago tamibrookewright tamibrookewright



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