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Dirty stamps. 🙌😍 I don’t clean the paint off of my foam stamps. 💪 And it’s fine. They still work great and (a) I have more time to be creative because I’m not cleaning and (b) I use my stamps because I know that I don’t have to clean them! (Can you tell that I really hate cleaning?!) 😜 #ihatecleaning
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  • 10w ago art_by_marlene art_by_marlene

    Know the feeling! Hhaha!

  • 10w ago hoguec hoguec

    I had one brand of Ink that would show back up In the next image if I didn’t clean it all off. Guess which brand I don’t buy anymore? Cleaning. Whose got time for that nonsense? 😜

  • 10w ago ibanezcatherine ibanezcatherine

    You inspire me everyday!

  • 10w ago deniselush deniselush

    I hate cleaning as well. Good to know they will work fine if you don’t clean them off. I watched a video where the woman said to ‘make sure you clean them right away’
    Happy to hear I don’t have to as I have lots coming my way!!!! I’m guessing some designed by you too!!!!

  • 10w ago floridafour floridafour

    And they look pretty with colors on them. :-)

  • 10w ago floridafour floridafour

    @deniselush I've ruined my hand carved rubber stamps by not cleaning acrylic paint off right away. Makes them sticky.

  • 10w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @floridafour Yes, always clean rubber, silicone, and hand carved stamps. But foam stamps don’t need cleaning.

  • 10w ago angie.trianta angie.trianta

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been cleaning my foam stamps and because I don’t like cleaning, I find that I barely use them. 🙄

  • 10w ago troublebubble4 troublebubble4

    Don’t they get stiff after awhile and lose some of their detail?

  • 10w ago betsy.doodles betsy.doodles

    Hear, hear! 😆

  • 10w ago ivetteg714 ivetteg714

    I luuuuuuuuuurve the one thats front & center! ❤ Is it one of your designs?

  • 10w ago miffersss miffersss

    Awwww I need some artfoamies!!

  • 10w ago cauldron_of_colours cauldron_of_colours

    A really good attitude to have! Yes to that! 👍🏼😂

  • 10w ago art_foamies art_foamies

    If you don’t have time just put the ArtFoamies face down in a tub of water next to you and gently pat dry afterwards. I like to use a spray nozzle (which you rinse dishes with) to rinse mine. However I have found that not cleaning some paint off makes for a better “print” sometimes. Also don’t use the very cheap paint with it - it ruins the stamps as the acrylic base they add to those brands is so thick and glucky - it totally destroys detail and you can never get it off again. I say clean your stamps, but mostly I don’t clean them either!!! :)

  • 10w ago theartsycraftsy theartsycraftsy

    I love stamps but i hate cleaning it! 😁😂

  • 8w ago margherita_arrighi margherita_arrighi

    Love your art

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