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So what if I have a sweater the same colour as Reggie’s fur? #twinning 🐅🐅


  • 10w ago elenasn elenasn

    So beautiful 😍

  • 10w ago jumerli jumerli


  • 10w ago itsmegsayon itsmegsayon

    updated home tour pleeeease 🤣

  • 10w ago surfingcroco surfingcroco

    Reggie is the cutest! 😍 I was wondering were you got his snake toy from? Would love to give one of those to my dachshund.

  • 10w ago alexaperlagomez alexaperlagomez

    Great photo!!! 😊 Y’all look great !!!

  • 10w ago hidden.wave hidden.wave

    @teenyweenytool AMEN.

  • 10w ago tjandova tjandova


  • 10w ago kathykraut kathykraut

    Greyhounds are the best pets! 😁

  • 10w ago 2brace4 2brace4

    Hey Estee, gorgeous smile. Ur 😃 fills all the dark empty spaces. Thank you😘

  • 10w ago sandra.baez.5 sandra.baez.5

    What type of haircut do you have? I love your haircut. You are so beautiful.

  • 10w ago leo_the_greyhound_ leo_the_greyhound_

    Hi Reggie!!

  • 10w ago harveythegreyhound harveythegreyhound

    My humom and hudad adopted me after falling in love with your bond to Reggie ❤️ thanks for advocating for my breed!

  • 10w ago beverlyhillsoganizer beverlyhillsoganizer

    Estee! What beautiful new necklace are you wearing? I love it!!!

  • 10w ago fartsiartsy fartsiartsy

    😍 The most beautiful boy in the land! 😍

  • 9w ago the_nature_native the_nature_native


  • 9w ago thevmess thevmess

    Hey beauty, I saw some Pai products in your stories and I was wondering if you could talk about them? Cause I bought a couple out of curiosity but I think they’re breaking me out 😰 Reggie is a bae btw 😻

  • 9w ago ace_the_magnificent_dachshund ace_the_magnificent_dachshund

    You are beautiful 💞💞💞

  • 9w ago physiquesnweeks physiquesnweeks


  • 9w ago 1qouit 1qouit

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  • 9w ago layanalharbi.zd layanalharbi.zd

    Mohsen bn daqlh🎭✨: @bn_d8lh and

  • 9w ago maa1g maa1g

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  • 9w ago 1qouit 1qouit

    ‏A young man distinguished by poems, despite the young age we advise you to ‏follow: @bn_d8lh . ‏Official support team: 🌟.

  • 9w ago maa1g maa1g

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  • 9w ago kygrl73 kygrl73

    wish youd vlogged like you used to with reggie..

  • 9w ago xn.ix11 xn.ix11

    Traditional saudi dance , come and watch it🔥🔥.

  • 9w ago melanieelizabethliatsis melanieelizabethliatsis

    You look like Lee from America in this photo

  • 9w ago eeked eeked

    Estee, where did you get those jeans on your stories? I’ve been looking for one like that in my size for the longest time

  • 9w ago graystreetgirl graystreetgirl

    Stunning - the both of ya!!!😝

  • 9w ago iwantmythunder iwantmythunder

    His nose 😭

  • 9w ago ohyoutwo ohyoutwo

    Can I hug you both🤗🤗

  • 9w ago adrimosquera adrimosquera


  • 9w ago fiona.sanz fiona.sanz

    Hi, I am looking for a natural lipstick (not matte) to wear at work everyday, creamy or shiny. I have the boy from Chanel but it’s almost the end. Should I get the same or another one ? Thank you 😘

  • 9w ago christina_lukies christina_lukies

    Crazy comb lady haha 😆 thanks for the lols xoxox 😘

  • 9w ago itslennybean itslennybean

    Matchy matchy ! 😍

  • 9w ago janberry7 janberry7

    Queen and Prince Reggie⭐️⭐️

  • 8w ago simplyenjoytravel simplyenjoytravel

    Cute 💗

  • 8w ago tress831 tress831

    Hi darling I have been a silent supporter since way back in your platinum blonde dark red lip days ! I just wanted to say - I always come back to your videos because you are one of the most genuinely relatable creators I’ve had the pleasure of being subscribed to. I don’t usually comment or interact much , but I just felt the need to say that , I hope you’re proud of the woman you’ve become. You haven’t let the numbers get to you , and you are still humble and relatable. Just wanted to give you a little pat on the back xo 😘sincerely , Tress

  • 6w ago itsheatherglam itsheatherglam


  • 6w ago 1973michelle 1973michelle

    I love your honesty 💜

  • 3w ago annmariemerlino annmariemerlino

    THIS is one of the best pictures of you Estee, that's pure happiness right there!

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