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❥ Are they right or wrong?
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Boruto ep: ? And 72

❝We are shinobi.❞.

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  • 9w ago hokage.naruto7 hokage.naruto7

    Nice edittt❤️❤️

  • 9w ago

    They are right ❤️

  • 9w ago hassan_fast hassan_fast

    Yup shes heard from sassuke when she first time see his father in mission

  • 9w ago yaboy.sasuke yaboy.sasuke


  • 9w ago dbs.facts dbs.facts

    They're right

  • 9w ago saladbae._ saladbae._


  • 9w ago shonoeva_dariga shonoeva_dariga

    They right.

  • 9w ago sasuke.boi sasuke.boi

    Amazing edit

  • 9w ago ssarada_uchiha ssarada_uchiha


  • 9w ago sasuke.boi sasuke.boi

    Woow I didn't see the first one

  • 9w ago hakimi.azhari_ hakimi.azhari_

    No they are wrong... Naruto and boruto have the emotion but they never betray their friends...

  • 9w ago hakimi.azhari_ hakimi.azhari_

    @hakimi.azhari_ i mean they always believe their friend

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @sasuke.boi Naruto gaiden

  • 9w ago fin.china fin.china

    True in the ninja world those who break the rules are scum but those who abandoned there comrades are even worse than scum I believe the white fang was a true hero in going to save rin

  • 9w ago jconsuegraa jconsuegraa

    But it’s true through, if your emotions get in the way during the mission than you failed because you were more focused on the person than your objective that why Sasuke acted the way he did throughout the whole Sarada and shin arc until he ate dinner with his family and you can see that his facial expression and body language changed during the dinner and his departure from konoha with his family

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @jconsuegraa True

  • 9w ago minjaeii minjaeii

    In Sasuke’s case, yes. However, Naruto never gave up the hope he saw in others (which are considered feelings)... He believed in Pain, Konan, Nagato, Obito, etc. ~ Just like now with Mitsuki... So, yes he’s right but not in everyone’s case. Sarada needs to learn that if she truly wants to become Hokage. How else did Naruto become Hokage (other than being a hero)...

  • 8w ago malivibez_ malivibez_

    @minjaeii preach

  • 8w ago marinequeen10 marinequeen10

    My god, Sarada never listen to your idiot of a father

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