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Black walnuts are starting to drop so I’m gathering them and drying them to crack in a month or so for to enjoy their delicious aromatic flavor. I find it easiest to get the outer hull off by stepping on them with boots. Then using gloves, because they really will stain your hands. Then I let them dry completely. Then they will be ready to crack #blackwalnuts #juglensnigra


  • 9w ago pottszilla pottszilla

    My Grandpa used to gather them by the bushel every year and run them over with his tractor to bust up the hulls. We loved helping pick out the meat after cracking them with a hammer on a cinder block.

  • 9w ago thatfoodgirl thatfoodgirl

    @pottszilla it’s a laborious project but I think it’s worth it

  • 9w ago pottszilla pottszilla

    @thatfoodgirl truly. He had at least 7 bushels!

  • 9w ago sistersuldog sistersuldog

    The squirrels have taken over my tree, sooo many squirrels

  • 9w ago _nat_today_ _nat_today_

    My grandmother had a walnut tree and she made “shelling walnuts” a regular chore (we let them dry with the outer shell, then cracked em using a hammer over news paper). I hated it at the time but seeing this post made me realize how much I actually loved it, and her.

  • 9w ago 12cmi 12cmi

    How about some 💃🏽to crack them open😜

  • 9w ago vermilyea vermilyea

    If you need some, I’ve got some.

  • 9w ago thatfoodgirl thatfoodgirl

    @vermilyea save some for me and I’ll come get them!

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