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Tell Me a Bedtime Story. This is one of my favourite Herbie Hancock compositions - a real stunner. This moment where Garnett Brown on trombone doubles-up on the Buster Williams bassline - perfection. Featuring Joe Henderson on alto flute #herbiehancock #fatalbertrotunda #tellmeabedtimestory #joehenderson #garnettbrown #johnnycoles #busterwilliams #alberttootieheath #rudyvangelder #jazzmusic #jazzrecords #nowspinning


  • 10w ago xingyu_mayhouse xingyu_mayhouse


  • 10w ago two22music two22music

    This is liquid silk being poured into my ear

  • 10w ago thevinylsage thevinylsage

    One of my favorite moments on that album as well. So good!

  • 10w ago 1dps1 1dps1

    The best⚡

  • 10w ago mark_belaert71 mark_belaert71

    That would be my favorite pick from this album as well.

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  • 10w ago funky_delight funky_delight

    Trombones add excellent textures on Herbie’s music. I love The Prisoner album for that reason too. Peaceful to my mind. Fat Albert great too, the premisces of his 70s funk period ✌️

  • 10w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @two22music silky goodness from some top players 👍🏻

  • 10w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @markbelaert71 I revisited this after listening to the Christian McBride/Mark Whitfield cover on “Fingerpainting” - worth checking out on YouTube 👍🏻

  • 10w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @funky_delight for sure - he orchestrates brass staff so well. And even later on Man Child - Garnett Brown is ever present!

  • 10w ago sound_mind66 sound_mind66

    Love that album! 👌🏾

  • 10w ago mark_belaert71 mark_belaert71

    @vein_melter I know that album. Borrowed it from the local library years ago.

  • 10w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @markbelaert71 even better. The three of them (with Nicholas Payton) are fantastic IMO

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