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See you on the “You’re Not Alone” tour this month. Portland tonight, followed by Seattle and Vancouver this weekend. All dates and ticket info:
Tag 2 friends for a chance to win three tickets to any party on the tour.
Sept 07 – Portland, OR
Sept 08 – Seattle, WA
Sept 09 – Vancouver, BC
Sept 11 – Calgary, AB
Sept 13 – Winnipeg, MB
Sept 14 – Minneapolis, MN
Sept 15 – Chicago, IL
Sept 18 – Des Moines, IA
Sept 19 – Kansas City, MO
Sept 21 – Dallas, TX
Sept 22 – Austin, TX
Sept 23 – Houston, TX
Sept 25 – Nashville, TN
Sept 26 – Durham, NC
Sept 27 – Atlanta, GA
Sept 28 – Orlando, FL


  • 9w ago dcasey.1980 dcasey.1980

    @andrewwk you were so awesome in Hollywood. You 🤛 fist bumped me from the stage! I just wanted to say thank you for your new album. I’ve hit a dark period in my life (ex broke up with me. Etc.) and your new album helped save my life. So thank you Andrew W.K. you are truly my hero.

  • 9w ago affirmatiff affirmatiff

    No NJ or NY 😭

  • 9w ago aaron_s2487 aaron_s2487

    Test more party fooooods

  • 9w ago cmcgiggle cmcgiggle


  • 9w ago pepperpf pepperpf

    I won sound check for tomorrow but haven't heard anything... do you have any info for me?

  • 9w ago sarahsriracha sarahsriracha

    @cmcgiggle meow gusta 🤘🏻🐈

  • 9w ago jesselucas jesselucas

    @andrewwk i drove 6 hours for your show in san francisco - *definitely* worth it. thank you for doing what you do! 🙏 🤘🎼😃❤️

  • 9w ago mirda_inc mirda_inc

    @dreudaly @thebaronofthesea

  • 9w ago star_tafight star_tafight

    Hey @jaimyelynne, STILL on our list of things to do together! I know @lkurtyak wants to go again. I wish the Chicago show wasn’t Riot Fest. Maybe if he goes to Indy someday!

  • 9w ago jaimyelynne jaimyelynne

    @star_tafight YES PLS

  • 9w ago toomuchdangerguy toomuchdangerguy

    When it’s time to party Vancouver will party hard! Your dj set at psycho ruled would be stoked to see how a show goes @benfrith @creepyforcheapy @reptoid667

  • 9w ago creepyforcheapy creepyforcheapy

    @benfrith @toomuchdangerguy

  • 9w ago heydamian heydamian


  • 9w ago sarahsriracha sarahsriracha

    @melissamarilynn @brandon_alexandre_ if I win tickets for tonight, you guys have to come ! & if I don't, I'm going alone and buying at the door 🙃 🤙🏻

  • 9w ago brandon_alexandre_ brandon_alexandre_

    @sarahsriracha where at?

  • 9w ago sarahsriracha sarahsriracha

    @brandon_alexandre_ the Imperial! Literally a block away !!!

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @jude5101 You got it! 👍

  • 9w ago jude5101 jude5101

    @andrewwk thank you sooooo much! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @star_tafight We played a show in Indianapolis a few months ago, and we shall be back for more partying some day soon!

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @jesselucas Thank you for going the extra mile(s) to be part(y) of the party, Jesse! ❤️❤️

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @pepperpf Yes! Check your messages! And thank you!

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @affirmatiff We played a concert in New York City a few months ago and we shall return for more partying ASAParty!

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @dcasey.1980 Stay strong, Casey! Thank you for grabbing a hold of this party power and letting it fuel you to be your best! Never let down!

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @tofuturkey118 THANK YOU FOR PORTLAND PARTYING!!! 🦃

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @ballerinanomad YOU JUST WON THREE TICKETS! Check your Direct Messages!

  • 9w ago atkstatchips atkstatchips

    @andrewwk @ballerinanomad Hell yes! Gonna throw down so hard for the party gods that we won't be able to get back up for days!

  • 9w ago samwisetheyogi samwisetheyogi

    Here at the @imperialvancouver and it's almost time!!! My best friend here with me is a huge super fan of yours and we were there last time you came to Vancouver as well!!! Cannot wait for the show, it's going to be amazing!!!! @andrewwk

  • 9w ago jennydontandthespurs jennydontandthespurs

    That show with you was a lot of fun!!! Hope the rest of the tour goes well... it was nice meeting you and the band! ⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • 9w ago andrewwk andrewwk

    @jennydontandthespurs ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for playing and partying!

  • 9w ago billyleeka billyleeka

    @rebeccaturner83 @nateisjax

  • 9w ago stevelucky stevelucky

    Thanks again for the tix! I was able to bring my two oldest, 14 and 12, to their first concert and they LOVED it. Keep the eternal flame of party burning bright. 🔥

  • 9w ago ballerinanomad ballerinanomad

    @andrewwk Oh my gosh!!! I don't even know what to say!!! I am beyond excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Wow!!! 💚💚💚💚

  • 9w ago imjaystackz imjaystackz


  • 9w ago pabloramirezprc pabloramirezprc

    As I'm not going to admire an artist as he is @andrewwk first his undeniable talent, second his persistence always in the difficulties, I have never been engormadl that he has canceled a musical commitment, there was a time where he was mistreated for being and wanting to do what he likes, to break a foot and keep turning, to build his music after so many hardships is incredible and to applaud, it will always be my admiration to work in music and above all to get up in adversity, thanks Andrew WK for being original and steal a smile whenever we see it on stage, it will always be for me as someone from my family, Greetings brother and a lot of encouragement, you will love him a lot.

  • 9w ago johnthejew1 johnthejew1

    I will see you in Dallas I have a ticket already but I don’t know how to tag people for chance to have pizza with u lol I will be going to serious pizza down the street it’s got great Za..

  • 9w ago johnthejew1 johnthejew1

    I hope I get it cause iam coming alone lol party on Andrew

  • 9w ago johnthejew1 johnthejew1

    Iam bring a autograph note u gave me at ozzfest 2002 in Dallas lol a long time ago I hope I get a pic with u with it..

  • 9w ago acti0nh4nk acti0nh4nk

    @yeahyoudlikethat 9/26

  • 8w ago careydouglas careydouglas

    Hey @andrewwk do you want to come over to our place today to party before @riot_fest ? You'd probably dig our dog, plus I'll order some pizza! DM me for the address. Bring some friends. 🐕🍕🍺🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 5w ago sierra_elaine_h sierra_elaine_h

    @lotus_sibert yeah too bad I'm not on here what a shame

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