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This Serial will give us so much inspiration for our life🙌🏽👏🏽❤️ There is a Life/Love after every love Failure!💖💪🏽 @pavithra.janani @g_r_dhiraviam @kumaran_thangarajan

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  • 7w ago one_life_fr_me one_life_fr_me

    Atho sola manasu thudikithu but sola therila😩😩👌👌👌👌

  • 7w ago dennis_jerfy dennis_jerfy

    Did he marry his lover in this serial ??

  • 7w ago _.haaf._13 _.haaf._13


  • 7w ago vetrimalar.fc vetrimalar.fc

    @dennis_jerfy no he married his would be „sisterinlaw“ cause his Brother died on the Wedding day

  • 7w ago shinydavid11 shinydavid11

    Love failure ku apuram Life irukum.... but namaku pudicha life ah irukadhu. Soulless life ah irukum. Love panravanga kooda vazhra oru nimisham kooda heaven. Avanga ilama vazhra life fulla naragam. Veliya vena act panikalam. Bt manasa thottu sollunga, pudichavanga iruka vendiya idathula inoruthara vachu pakuradhu sandhoshama?

  • 7w ago vetrimalar.fc vetrimalar.fc

    @shinybenoni if it is the true love it wouldn’t die ! So Maaran wouldn’t have died .... No one knows !! Her true love is definitely vetri ❤️🙏

  • 7w ago shinydavid11 shinydavid11

    @vetrimalar.fc death is nature. True love or not it will and death has no link. Cant say this with everyone. Thr r people who still live alone thinking their deceased loved ones. Someone dies bcz its their fate.

  • 7w ago shinydavid11 shinydavid11

    Marrying her lover’s own bro is so disgusting to me.🤮

  • 5w ago miss_blossm miss_blossm

    I love this bgm 😍😍😍

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