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I’m all about making the most of my creative time. 💪 Now that I travel so much, I have even less time than usual to get into the studio and play. To maximize the precious time that I do have, I have been creating “kits” for myself. In the picture you can see my mixed media collage kits. When I have a pocket of time, I simply grab a kit and start to play. I find I’m more creative when I set limits for myself. How about you?
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  • 10w ago jollyblonde jollyblonde

    I totally agree and think this is a wonderful idea!

  • 10w ago medenisewild medenisewild

    @jollyblonde Right? Sheer brilliance 💘

  • 10w ago brightlines.peggy brightlines.peggy

    Great idea! I don't think of you doing collage though...?

  • 10w ago

    Oooh, that's brilliant! I often find myself feeling somewhat overwhelmed by my supplies.

  • 10w ago hutchink hutchink

    I love this idea!!!

  • 10w ago lghjax lghjax

    Awesome idea..thanks for sharing

  • 10w ago haleyca haleyca

    That pink page is with the red eye peeking out looks like something I want!

  • 10w ago freesprout33 freesprout33

    Oooh, interesting! Do you make stand alone pieces, or do you use these kits in your art journal? I'd love to see a before and after of a kit! Thanks for sharing!

  • 10w ago kreativesdurcheinander kreativesdurcheinander

    That's a wonderful idea! Do the kits only include paper or also other stuff?

  • 10w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @kreativesdurcheinander These ones are just paper.

  • 10w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @freesprout33 Both!

  • 10w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @brightlines.peggy Almost everything I do has collage in it.

  • 10w ago sugarcitystudio sugarcitystudio

    love the idea - am incorporating a 'kit' of sorts into my Traveler's Notebooks

  • 10w ago autumnlightdesigns autumnlightdesigns

    Yes! I sometimes challenge myself to make cards with only the bits & bobs left on my worktable from other projects (collage, Gelli printing, stamping). I once did a batch of 64 cards working this way. Limiting myself = very effective.

  • 10w ago jana_2worlds jana_2worlds

    So you take this to the hotel ?

  • 10w ago fancyscrapper fancyscrapper

    I limit my choices sometimes by creating a challenge for myself to use a product I’ve neglected: aka, buttons, zippers, paint. . . (I am mostly a paper artist).

  • 10w ago lindsalita lindsalita

    Love this! Yes, limited time and supplies remind me how difficult I try to make it. Thanks for the reminder, I need to make some kits now! That’s also a good use of time when I don’t feel all that creative.

  • 10w ago anniestewart708 anniestewart708

    What adhesive (s) do you use???

  • 10w ago kimosabescraps kimosabescraps

    Yes yes and yes... I definitely need to do this!!! I always am more productive and yet free when I play with preselected items . Great way to just use up my stuff and not overthink!!!!

  • 10w ago cherylboglioli cherylboglioli

    Great idea 💕

  • 10w ago agjamcam agjamcam So do I. Love all my stuff but stressful at times. Then I feel guilty when I buy art supplies that I haven’t used.

  • 10w ago imacraftermysisterstheartist imacraftermysisterstheartist

    I can’t get this organized though! I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t worked in almost 2 years and should have tons of art made. Can you come go through my things in all your spare time and help me make kits?😜

  • 10w ago mia_bloom mia_bloom

    Fantastic idea!

  • 10w ago pinkknitter pinkknitter

    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your kits. It will be inspiring.

  • 10w ago thrifty_magpie thrifty_magpie

    That is a wonderful idea! I have lots of time for art and crafting now, but I tend to get paralyzed by all of my choices.

  • 10w ago jcdenisondesigns jcdenisondesigns

    Great idea!

  • 10w ago katiekay017 katiekay017

    What a great idea! Very clever and creative of you!!!

  • 10w ago karenlprovost karenlprovost

    Great idea!✨

  • 10w ago hudsonsailor27 hudsonsailor27

    Great idea.

  • 10w ago jessica__loughrey jessica__loughrey

    What a great idea! 👍👍

  • 10w ago ozzigirl64 ozzigirl64

    I love this idea, definitely going to try this!

  • 10w ago melitabloomer melitabloomer

    Love it! Ooh...kit swap...just sayin 😉

  • 10w ago artful1613 artful1613

    @autumnlightdesigns 64! I'm impressed. Good for you.

  • 10w ago autumnlightdesigns autumnlightdesigns

    @artful1613 it was fun!

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