Instagram post by @jeanlucbaker Jean-Luc Baker


  • 13w ago tim.dieck tim.dieck

    These dance couples who disturb the Zamboni man in his job...😂

  • 13w ago pom_pom9 pom_pom9

    So does the Zamboni man 😂

  • 13w ago natesquarzzy natesquarzzy

    Shed a tear looking at this

  • 13w ago thewaitisogre thewaitisogre

    dat spread eagle wow

  • 13w ago cruzrthecreator cruzrthecreator

    Love your page 🙌🏼 Always trying to surround myself with like minded people! DM me let’s connect 😎 Have a awesome rest of your day!👍🏼

  • 13w ago noahistheguy noahistheguy

    Just marry her already

  • 13w ago alexandriaronzio alexandriaronzio

    It was pizza wasn’t it?

  • 13w ago dawnelmer dawnelmer

    ❤❤❤❤ this picture! Can't wait for the season to begin & see your new programs! Adore your skating!

  • 13w ago pierre.souquet pierre.souquet

    Can't wait too see you guys !🔥

  • 9w ago bethiaskates bethiaskates

    Happy birthday! @jeanlucbaker

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