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Maybe its team 10s mission to Stop boruto and sarada from following mitsuki and thats why they fight!

Boruto episode 72 Preview.
Boruto ep 74/75 spoilers.

❝I guess we didnt really know everything about Mitsuki...❞✨

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  • 9w ago nisagates_ovoxo nisagates_ovoxo

    1 hour special? OMFG I can't wait!!! the loyalty Boruto and Sarada have for Mitsuki willing to fight their friends for the sake of their teammate my heart can't take this 😭

  • 9w ago nisagates_ovoxo nisagates_ovoxo

    She doesn't want to break the rules.... yes but for Mitsuki her teammate she will @fetysella

  • 9w ago haugi0101 haugi0101

    “SPOILER!“ i thought i could read it bc i already watched the last ep, and then this😂

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @haugi0101 Omg im sry😭😭😭

  • 9w ago haugi0101 haugi0101

    @igsarada its ok, i dont really mind being spoilerd😂i find in more interesting now, bc i cant wait to see em fight

  • 9w ago b.e.n_72004_ b.e.n_72004_


  • 9w ago fetysella fetysella

    @nisagates_ovoxo nah i dont think so, just now u can see even after boruto try to convince sarada to trust mitsuki many times and want to find him alone, she always giving doubts 'about this and tats, being orochimaru son etc.. When boruto want to leave, sarada even called out to him to wait (which mean she want to stop boruto) until he mention about her want to become hokage stuff and trust 😁..

  • 9w ago nisagates_ovoxo nisagates_ovoxo

    She had her doubts and was conflicted yes but she still cares about Mitsuki they're all on team 7 together and even though she had her doubts she still wants to know what's Mitsuki will @fetysella

  • 9w ago nyjah_is_lit nyjah_is_lit

    Wait did you get the episodes

  • 9w ago msy.atikaa22 msy.atikaa22

    @minato20ken oh damn 😂😂😂

  • 9w ago msy.atikaa22 msy.atikaa22

    @gelayieeee nope, new team 1 maybe

  • 9w ago fetysella fetysella

    @nisagates_ovoxo yeah i agree with u but tats after boruto show her the snake mitsuki left behind when he mention bout will.. 😄So if boruto didnt find the snake and sarada didnt hear the snake message, plus boruto mention bout hokage stuff, i still think she will not go after mitsuki, and will stop boruto, and if she failed she only follow along cuz of boruto though.. 😂

  • 9w ago vikiim_ vikiim_

    I want Boruto and Sarada to beat the shit outta team 10 but i know that won't happen lol 😂😂

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @vikiim_ Same tbh😂😂 They r probably just gonna b like "You have to Trust mitsuki" shikadai:"nO" Boruto:*Talk no jutsu* shikadai:ok

  • 9w ago vikiim_ vikiim_

    @igsarada lmao yes 😂

  • 9w ago mhdnrqbl_ mhdnrqbl_


  • 9w ago wanazawawi_ wanazawawi_

    @mhdnrqbl adui spoiler

  • 9w ago hanafi.ho hanafi.ho

    Lol we gonna see another talk no jutsu

  • 9w ago babyturkiye babyturkiye

    1st generation: naruto:sasukeeee. 2nd generation: boruto:mitsukiii

  • 9w ago mitchell_taylor03 mitchell_taylor03

    So they’ll beat up Jake Paul? I’m in

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @watch_mccloud Me too😂😂

  • 9w ago blehdemeh blehdemeh

    I can't remember who's in team 10 😑

  • 9w ago dan._.cruz dan._.cruz

    I hope we get Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki animation. I’d like to see Sarada and Boruto use their teamwork and not have one be a burden to the other like they did against Mirai

  • 9w ago tianh2018 tianh2018

    @blehdemeh I think it’s inoiji cho cho and shikadi

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @vxnxa.s echt jetzt? Auf Twitter sagt jeder das ist ne stundw

  • 9w ago minjaeii minjaeii

    Wait what’s the relationship of Jake Paul and Team 10? I’m so lost

  • 9w ago your_average_twat your_average_twat

    @igsarada that is so fucking true 😂

  • 9w ago your_average_twat your_average_twat

    @thebronx_kunoichi they're supposedly called "traitors" for leaving the village In lockdown as said in the last episode so maybe naruto asked for team 10 to bring them back to the village cause he knows he's not a traitor

  • 9w ago your_average_twat your_average_twat

    @nisagates_ovoxo trust me I had hype like that in the first few eps of the show but the more you watch it's starts to become predictable and boring since you can guess Ig

  • 9w ago nisagates_ovoxo nisagates_ovoxo

    It's not a predictable to me I'm just understanding the characters Im super excited I can't wait for these upcoming episodes!!! I miss mitsuki glad we see him next episode it was empty without him 😭😭😭😭 @gangstxchimp

  • 9w ago nisagates_ovoxo nisagates_ovoxo

    If sarada was to get serious I'm pretty sure she would beat all 3 of them although she probably wouldn't want to fight her bestie chou chou @vikiim_

  • 9w ago igsarada igsarada

    @nisagates_ovoxo same😍

  • 9w ago your_average_twat your_average_twat

    @nisagates_ovoxo glad you got some hype for the show and yhe last ep without mitsuki was a bit dead without him

  • 9w ago sk_tichkule sk_tichkule

    Is this in manga????

  • 9w ago sk_tichkule sk_tichkule

    @sk_tichkule i didn't see till now in managa

  • 9w ago wanhijaz wanhijaz

    Ep 72 ? I still didnt watch 42

  • 9w ago elfx_ly elfx_ly

    h y p e

  • 9w ago dailymemes15515 dailymemes15515

    Hey everyone. Have you ever watched "Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Will of Fire"? If you have then can you relate that movie to these episodes of Boruto right now??

  • 8w ago spooky__zero spooky__zero

    i can't wait

  • 8w ago mariamonicanogueira mariamonicanogueira

    Quero ver como é que Naruto vai explicar pra Hinata que o filho deles é o nukenim ... 👌👌👌

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