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<What keeps you going?> One of the things that helped me open my heart much wider than ever before, despite all of the things happening around us politically and socially, were our story nights. Every few weeks we would invite friends from all walks of life, all ages and various professions to come together to tell stories, true stories, personal & intimate, accompanied with live music, different bands and musicians.
I love these gatherings filled with love, laughter and compassion. They keep me going. Regain some trust. Feel hopeful. 🙏🏽


  • 10w ago mirealmile mirealmile

    So eine schöne Idee! ❤️

  • 10w ago a_sator a_sator

    Toll! Kann man das irgendwo nachsehen/hören/lesen?

  • 10w ago tochterdeswaldes tochterdeswaldes

  • 10w ago themroc themroc

    It was a pleasure to be an active part of it and I love the mixture of backgrounds and experiences. ❤️

  • 10w ago erkan_inan_munich erkan_inan_munich

    Super spannend 😃

  • 9w ago kuebrag kuebrag

    @a_sator leider nicht - gerade das macht die Runden aber so schön intensiv & intim :)

  • 9w ago kuebrag kuebrag

    @themroc 🙏🏽 thank you for joining us & sharing your story! ♥️

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