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First day of 2nd grade❤️😍...although he’s not too excited. I told him I was going to start singing really loud in his classroom if he didn’t smile in the last picture...he wasn’t amused 😂. #SummerVacationIsOVERSon


  • 10w ago lifeofsamiyah lifeofsamiyah


  • 10w ago jamarvip jamarvip

    Lol he was like leave me alone! I just went through the same thing lol

  • 10w ago reesebaby83 reesebaby83

    Jojo was the same way he told me he was staying home with me lol

  • 10w ago mizsimmons mizsimmons

    Have a great day dooz!!!

  • 10w ago chicagorilla100s chicagorilla100s

    Nephew have a gr8 day summer will be back soon haaaaa.....

  • 10w ago chanaenee chanaenee

    Let’s get it Doosey!! 2nd grader!!!

  • 10w ago b___day b___day

    With his handsome self 👑👑👑👑

  • 10w ago patspremiumfades patspremiumfades

    Have a good 1st day Will!!!

  • 10w ago v1kissesu v1kissesu

    🤣🤣🤣When I saw his face, I was like “YEAH” he smiled this year for you. Then I read your “threat”. Too funny. But sometimes you gotta pull out the secret weapons to get your way. ❤️ 🙌🏾🤩

  • 10w ago tremurder13 tremurder13

    Where are his chains at???

  • 10w ago tamara___reports tamara___reports


  • 10w ago new__new new__new

    @v1kissesu yeah and it didn’t work😂

  • 10w ago new__new new__new

    Oh you know he’ll be wearing them soon. He was too distraught abt going back to school.

  • 10w ago rinarine rinarine

    Have a good first day doozter!

  • 10w ago phenomenalladyt phenomenalladyt


  • 9w ago hanjensen hanjensen

    Wait. You went into his classroom on the first day??? 😳😂 he’s so handsome!!! ❤️

  • 9w ago new__new new__new

    @hanjensen ALWAYS 😂

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