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Oh hey. It’s me. If you don’t follow me on twitter you might not know that this photo could not be FURTHER from what I look like right now. Guys I had a rash, I thought it was hives. It got worse, it got infected, it spread like WILDFIRE and now my ENTIRE BODY IS PURPLE and yesterday my eyes were so swollen I could only half open them. Fun! Here’s a life update:
Being poorly means that I’m staying home with the fur babies while @roseellendix has gone to London to work for a week 😭 I miss her so much already and she only left a few hours ago! But the good news is, being poorly has given me loads of time to rest and get excited for everything we have coming up! It’s OFFICIALLY Autumn! HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER! I can’t wait to carve pumpkins in our new home with Rose! Tour is soon! I’m so excited for you to watch our doc! I’ve had ideas for a new series on my channel and a new bisexy vid. SOON IT WILL BE XMAS THEN VLOGMAS. This little swollen purple balloon could literally not be more excited. Stay tuned for all that PLUS a FURNISHED HOUSE TOUR! Guys. My office chair is fluffy and pink. The curtains have flamingos. My rug is pink and sparkly. I hope you’re excited because I am! 💖


  • 2w ago maelaniahhh maelaniahhh


  • 2w ago fathycompania fathycompania

    I love you so much Rosie,pls take care 💕💕💕

  • 2w ago fathycompania fathycompania

    Thank you for being an inspiration to us,u are so brave.

  • 2w ago mustaffanormala mustaffanormala

    I'm excited too!

  • 2w ago tonjariley tonjariley

    You feel better soon,and know this to shall pass. You have a beautiful spirit and willingness that will always shine through, any rash, infections,purple body and swollen face. Get well soon. 😘

  • 2w ago eljirehescb eljirehescb

    get well soon baby!!! i love you im so excited too

  • 2w ago brodiackiller brodiackiller

    Your optimism is inspiring

  • 2w ago joinplutoo joinplutoo

    Take care rosie!! I hope you can get well soon😭😭😭

  • 2w ago joinplutoo joinplutoo

    Also can't wait for the new bisexy vid!!!

  • 2w ago imadielarev37 imadielarev37

    I hope u feel better soon❣❣❣

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  • 2w ago lisachlkwlf lisachlkwlf

    Get well soon!!!!!!! 🐱🐕🐩🐺🐯🦁🦓🦄🦄♥️

  • 2w ago amandahoopes amandahoopes

    my bby is so gorgeous ugh

  • 2w ago laykal laykal

    Get well soon ❤

  • 2w ago tianna_quattralli tianna_quattralli

    omg why are you the cutest. hope you feel better soon 💛

  • 2w ago nniki.i nniki.i

    What a cutie👑🌸👑

  • 2w ago call_me_regeth call_me_regeth

    Rosie we're excited for the house and office tour, but first get rest and hope you feel better soon..Love you babe 🌹😇🙏😍❤❤❤

  • 2w ago becksy_x becksy_x

    Exciting times 😊

  • 2w ago etaaa_91 etaaa_91

    Get better, Rosie ♥

  • 2w ago georgia.ssolomon georgia.ssolomon

    Awww rosie, I’m here for u if ya wanna chat I LOVE U FEEL BETTER I WUVS XOX

  • 2w ago garneyyish garneyyish

    Get well soon baby!!!

  • 2w ago nrmrzdn nrmrzdn

    I hope you'll feel better soon! I love you!

  • 2w ago poemsinthemoonlight poemsinthemoonlight

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  • 2w ago softhands77 softhands77

    Feel better Rosie, it totally sucks to not feel well. Sending you healing vibes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • 2w ago luna_unakite_dragonfeather luna_unakite_dragonfeather

    Beautiful 💖💖

  • 2w ago maytrx.805 maytrx.805

    I really hope you will be better soon :(. I'm really worry about you.

  • 2w ago robert.k.sparling robert.k.sparling

    Your entire body being purple might be the work of that evil angel Aisha, who may potentially try to kill you again in "Vlogmas"!

  • 2w ago katelyn_isnt_creative katelyn_isnt_creative

    She is beauty She is grace She is the queen of the bisexuals and gays

  • 2w ago ahmaytalad18 ahmaytalad18

    My dear rosie pagaling ka po , im sure namimis ka din ni rose at segurado ako na nag alala din un sau mhal n mhal kita rosie

  • 2w ago ain.gaffar ain.gaffar

    Hello Rosie, how is you rash is it getting better? Hoping you get well soon yeah .

  • 2w ago venusbangcaya venusbangcaya

    get well soon rosie😘😘

  • 2w ago nicolevscherrenburg nicolevscherrenburg

    Get well soon! Look after yourself and if you can't make other people treat you like the princess you are!

  • 2w ago abbz_mac_ abbz_mac_

    Get better x

  • 2w ago ayz.ka ayz.ka

    Yaaaasss you are amazing and so inspiring!!! 😭💖

  • 1w ago annamarlette annamarlette

    HI Rosie, I am so sorry to hear about your rash. I also suffer from a skin condition caused by Auto Immune disease, which you probably have too. Please go to YT and look up Gabriel Arruda. He has vids on healing himself of his auto immune condition and also he healed his skin with a detox protocol. Sending love and hugs and prayers for your recovery. xoxo

  • 1w ago joancristineb joancristineb

    Yeaahh i'm so excited

  • 1w ago dawnkurtagich dawnkurtagich

    How are you feeling, @roxetera?

  • 1w ago k_u_r_o_e_ k_u_r_o_e_

    I hope you get well soon, I love youuuu💘 ✨

  • 1w ago pinkqoose pinkqoose

  • 1w ago mandymoe97 mandymoe97

    Oh poor Rosie. I hope you get better soon. Get all the cuddles you can.


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