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Jump for joy! It’s bedtime!!! Well, friends, I have five days left before I leave on my USA tour for family photo sessions. A truly bittersweet time. To say I’m freaking out about leaving is a major understatement. I can only come home twice, and although my kids will be in very good, very capable, very loving hands, the thought of not seeing them daily just... makes me cry. I know I can do this because I do it every year, but it gets soooo much harder every year. The good news is, the season flies by for both me and the kids. More good news is that technology helps me keep in touch with them every day. Even more good news is that next year I will have the power and ability to see them more in the fall. So, in a way, this is the last challenge. Can I do it? Heck ya I can. LEVEL UP, BABY. #wishusallluck


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