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@federico_ramin here's the Aizu stone from the previous post. .
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  • 3w ago federico_ramin federico_ramin

    I mean, wow! It's huge

  • 3w ago cev_valgard cev_valgard

    @federico_ramin yeah... I'm a bit of a size queen 😅😅😅😅

  • 3w ago chunothedog chunothedog

    I don't know why Aizu stones make me so hard 💦💦

  • 3w ago maherknives maherknives

    That’s a monster 😮

  • 3w ago cev_valgard cev_valgard

    @chunothedog 😂

  • 3w ago bruce_sk_lee bruce_sk_lee

    It’s not as green as mine but it seems to be produce really good slurry

  • 3w ago cev_valgard cev_valgard

    @bruce_sk_lee yeah this one is more of a pale blue, my other one is more green.

  • 3w ago bruce_sk_lee bruce_sk_lee

    @cev_valgard it’s really great stone. I have aizu, Tsushima, numata for mid grits:)
    Aizu is one of my go to stone:)

  • 3w ago cev_valgard cev_valgard

    @bruce_sk_lee I have had more than 10 Aizu, only one was rather bad, the rest were from good to great. Aizu and my striped Natsuya are my favourite midgrit (my Mikasa nagura too but it's quite a bit finer). Like them better than the Aotos, coarse Akapin (red aoto), Igarashi, and a couple unknown midgrit I have tried. Have not tried a Numata yet, or a bench sized Tsushima.

  • 3w ago bruce_sk_lee bruce_sk_lee

    @cev_valgard numata is hard to come by but it feels like between aizu and tsushima. Gives about 4000 grit finish but grind like a shapton 2000 grit.


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