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Late night writing session after show.....


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    Great show tonight!!!

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  • 20w ago tempted22 tempted22

    Can't wait to hear @ladyantebellum

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  • 20w ago katiebrennan1982 katiebrennan1982

    So sad to have missed you in Milwaukee tonight! Hopefully sometime soon!

  • 20w ago wheat3821 wheat3821

    Together tho...💜

  • 20w ago ascaffidi24 ascaffidi24

    Loved the show tonight!!! Thank you for coming to Milwaukee, hope you come back soon!!

  • 20w ago abby.wentzz abby.wentzz

    Thanks for a good time!! I absolutely loved the band I knew since I was born!!

  • 20w ago tagged4christapparel tagged4christapparel

    Let's Get It!

  • 20w ago _marypowers_ _marypowers_

    Awesome show. Thank you.

  • 20w ago jcull681 jcull681

    Had a great night! Awesome concert. Thank you.

  • 20w ago theresariemer theresariemer

    My fourth Lady A concert and they just keep getting better!!! Thank you for an amazing time tonight!

  • 20w ago chein417 chein417

    Great show!!!!!

  • 20w ago kare_bear913 kare_bear913

    Amazing show!!! Thanks for a great night

  • 20w ago kokowollner kokowollner

    An amazing night! You really know how to put on a show!! @jennywollner

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    Ya!! I cannt wait to hear this new music. 😊☺️❤️❤️❤️

  • 20w ago lucibellobrianna_ lucibellobrianna_

    Can’t wait for New Music!!! @ladyantebellum 😍😁🎸🎶

  • 20w ago 4boilers 4boilers

    I bought tickets to the Indy show and realized I have a conflict so gave them to my son and girlfriend. I’m so bummed @ladyantebellum Maybe next tour. I’m sending good proxis ☺️

  • 20w ago dierkskelley dierkskelley

    love you

  • 20w ago lsmuzikfn lsmuzikfn

    Fabulous concert!! Next time I need closer seats though. Don’t wait another 4 years to come to Milwaukee

  • 20w ago sheilaquinette sheilaquinette

    Great show! Loved every minute of it.

  • 20w ago vbuchman77 vbuchman77

    Great show last night in Milwaukee! @ladyantebellum

  • 20w ago carolmac159 carolmac159

    Don't get me wrong - I love Lady A and have been a fan since 2006. Four concerts in my list! Last night the music was so loud I could not hear your harmony, didn't know which song you were singing until after one minute (due to loudness), and didn't feel connected at all! Even though the sound mix was poor, I'm still a fan!!

  • 20w ago jessieb_3 jessieb_3

    @klakea2 Lady A was on for just over an hour and a half.

  • 20w ago towandadarden towandadarden

    Great post, love quality page like yours! Please keep posting and keep inspiring. Looking forward to see more post from you. Again, it's cool post! Cheers Dude!

  • 20w ago richylin72 richylin72

    @ladyantebellum Peace Among All Nations!
    God teaches us to be kind & good & to love all & be accepting of others. In any religious teaching there is a higher being of faith that teaches this love & compassion. Cults are not religion. Where is the compassion for this now when we need it the most? Our world we live in is showing anger, hatred, & judgment of others due to ethnic cultures, race, appearance, size or gender. It’s dividing us when we don’t need this to happen to anyone here on earth. We should be loving life, hanging onto our loved ones, enjoying & embracing the love & joy around us. Instead we hang onto our dear loved ones, hoping peace will come among all the countries once again & prevent wars. Where is humanity, solidarity, togetherness all nations once shared? We’re not that different from each other, we all want the same. Peace, love, compassion & understanding for all human beings. We the people need to live in peace & harmony everywhere. We work, have families & raise children. We need to lead the way & pave the path for our future generations to follow! We are all equal, no one person is better than another. We are human beings & deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, pride, compassion, & love by anyone, strangers, neighbors, friends & family. All nations need to stand together or there is no unity in building the bridge to gap ignorance! God Bless us all, guide us through. Help us hand in hand to show solidarity, human kindness & to be United each day through! Walk beside us all, don’t let us fall. Let us embrace the good in humanity in us all! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Written By Linda Grass!

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    That’s commitment!

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  • 20w ago ccarroll4 ccarroll4

    Amazing, amazing show on Saturday night!! Loved every second. ❤️❤️❤️

  • 20w ago haveanzday haveanzday

    Cant wait!!

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  • 20w ago kerriedurand kerriedurand

    Awesomr show would love to see you again

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  • 19w ago nick.bsb.myworld nick.bsb.myworld

    I'm so ready for your next masterpiece!! @ladyantebellum

  • 15w ago hannnahnicole16 hannnahnicole16

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up next! 😆😁 #foreverafan

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