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Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series filters available for pre-order. Shop the entire #DJI #Mavic2 Collection now.


  • 10w ago polarpro polarpro

    @reviesic_media Any preorders placed between now and the 22nd will still ship with the selected shipping method once they are sent out. International shipping times can vary based on customs processing however DHL rates are guaranteed to arrive within 4-5 business days.

  • 10w ago polarpro polarpro

    @jp.isaacs yes, you will have to remove the stock bayonet locking mechanism. Don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds 😉

  • 10w ago headshotbe headshotbe

    Need !

  • 10w ago aero.aus aero.aus

    Veryyy nice 👌🏻🔥

  • 10w ago crystaldrone crystaldrone


  • 10w ago crystaldrone crystaldrone


  • 10w ago ryanbates ryanbates

    Hyped for these! Could have used them today with my Mavic 2 Pro in Isla Mujeres. Definitely need a pack 👍🏻

  • 10w ago

    Can’t waaaiitttt!

  • 10w ago drone_hunter drone_hunter


  • 10w ago markcure markcure


  • 10w ago cedricmelbourne cedricmelbourne

    @tonyf_104 @bradshaw_c I hope these are better than the last set I had for my x5 camera #basura

  • 10w ago

    nice!!! 💪

  • 10w ago jenngroverphotography jenngroverphotography

    Too late! Fall foliage starts before the ship date.

  • 10w ago peterblee peterblee

    Yes!!! @polarpro

  • 10w ago rich.mchardy rich.mchardy

    @polarpro ok thanks 🤙

  • 10w ago benmack_ benmack_

    Oh they look nuts!

  • 10w ago bordeauxbiarritz bordeauxbiarritz

    No point buying a M2P without these

  • 10w ago realthenorthern realthenorthern

    Why so late after the launch? This is a product that should have been ready on dispatch when the drone was released

  • 10w ago lukemaximobell lukemaximobell

    They look gooood!

  • 10w ago craig.coker craig.coker

    Those things are beautiful! @austencbutler

  • 10w ago razdood razdood

    Excited to get my hands on these

  • 10w ago fridgephotos fridgephotos

    Ordered up. Thanks.

  • 10w ago ohsnapisaac ohsnapisaac

    Ugh I wish these were available now. I need them for my Taiwan 😫

  • 10w ago _____o_f_____ _____o_f_____

    Vaya espumeada!

  • 10w ago hlateef_ hlateef_

    @robert_watson31 I’m getting this and then we are going to a canola field ASAP

  • 10w ago robert_watson31 robert_watson31

    @hlateef_ YES BABY we gonna see those flowers

  • 10w ago womenwhodrone womenwhodrone

    Wow, this is such a great shot! Love it!

  • 10w ago cicciarelli cicciarelli

    @polarpro Will the stock gimble cover fit over the vivid nd filters or will these have to be removed each time? The cover goes around the sides of the camera so I was trying to imagine how it would work with the rounded filter.

  • 10w ago electronwatch electronwatch

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  • 10w ago

    @polarpro just curious, the custom 6-pack allows for all filters but the gradients. Any reason for that? I probably would have pre-order a custom pack with a gradient filter...

  • 10w ago tayneilson tayneilson

    Next level.

  • 9w ago natanrobles natanrobles

    Very Nice Shot 👏👌🙆‍

  • 9w ago jordantrudeau2 jordantrudeau2

    @bordeauxbiarritz so, you don’t know how a manually controlled aperture on a camera works? Obviously nd and other filters will ultimately help the image but it doesn’t disqualify the purchase of the drone. 😢

  • 9w ago bordeauxbiarritz bordeauxbiarritz

    @jordantrudeau2 never got the results I wanted without ND even when setting aperture manually, like I did the past 20 years

  • 8w ago basiciggy basiciggy

    Sent you guys a dm about some promo! Just copped a Mavic 2!

  • 8w ago drg.1987 drg.1987

    @polarpro Can’t wait to try these new filter, just got my mavic 2 earlier this week!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • 6w ago dji.users dji.users


  • 4d ago ramsesrendonreyes ramsesrendonreyes

    @polarpro what size is that filter?

  • 4d ago luafilmmaker luafilmmaker

    I can’t wait to get mine ❤️

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