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Working on this.
I’m a talker - i have strong opinions- i like to be right .
I see the value of this quote and after reading it the other day in an email from @prophetasonic This one line just keeps coming to my mind and heart ❤️ I admire folks who listen
Who really listen
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  • 11w ago vahid.javidan110 vahid.javidan110

    I really listen to Carrie
    I really listen to Carrie
    I am an Iranian, a country of love and mysticism
    And civilization.
    I love you very much
    I followed your activities
    But today, I see that Hollywood has been lukewarm for you, and you yourself are better than me
    You know😢🙏🏻🌹🌻🌹🌻🌹🖐🏻

  • 11w ago vahid.javidan110 vahid.javidan110

    carrie I am an Iranian, an Iranian sophie and dervish, my account from other Iranians
    Separate Carrie, I've been around for twenty-five years on the performances of your films. That's why I'm really upset, Hollywood has done a good job with such a good actor, and I believe it is a great deal, and Hollywood's work today is worth it. To those who do not deserve such a thing, and to the contrary, it is a little affectionate to you, I study everything from Lady🙏🏻🖐🏻🍏🌹👍🏻

  • 11w ago rockie.o rockie.o


  • 11w ago eetatum456 eetatum456

    My version of this is to ask yourself three questions before you say anything:
    1. Is it true?
    2. Is it necessary?
    3. Is it kind?
    If you can’t answer two of the three in the affirmative, you should seriously consider holding your tongue. Not sure I achieve this as much as I like, but when I do follow it, it leads to fewer regrets.

  • 11w ago sauceyjill sauceyjill

    I constantly work on this... “just because I have an opinion, doesn’t mean I have to share it”... huge struggle for me. I love this reminder! ❤️

  • 11w ago curlydjinn curlydjinn

    This definitely speaks to me as well!

  • 11w ago tonnya_youknowwho tonnya_youknowwho

    @electoralcollegedropout OMG lol

  • 11w ago tonnya_youknowwho tonnya_youknowwho

    @electoralcollegedropout so much!

  • 11w ago seemadpictures seemadpictures

    My favourite thing about choosing the silence is then hearing what your inner self has to say. All of a sudden it speaks and you hear it clear as day. And then any action taken feels right, and taken with confidence and trust 😍

  • 11w ago maxie_gail maxie_gail


  • 11w ago livefromwithin livefromwithin

    I was ruminating on this today. I definitely need to work on this.

  • 11w ago sherripeh sherripeh

    Oh I love this!💕

  • 10w ago l_devlinfcg l_devlinfcg

    🙏🏼 love this

  • 10w ago ananthjames ananthjames


  • 10w ago salmon.adam salmon.adam

    People who really listen are few and far between It’s a real talent to master 👍🏼

  • 10w ago namratamakhija namratamakhija


  • 10w ago kissed_in_cold_mirrors kissed_in_cold_mirrors

    The other side of it is seeing the purposes you don't usually see imho.

  • 10w ago carrieannemoss carrieannemoss

    @eetatum456 yep i ha e this written all over as well

  • 10w ago alisonmcleawolper alisonmcleawolper

    My brother posted the same exact thing today!

  • 10w ago wonder_woman_deanna_cosplay wonder_woman_deanna_cosplay

    This is perfect

  • 10w ago matthew.pomerantz matthew.pomerantz

    Silence is also a communication.

  • 10w ago stephen_malbon stephen_malbon

    @eetatum456 the first two are most important. Sometimes unkind things need to be said.

  • 10w ago elisymba2016 elisymba2016


  • 10w ago pictakingisfun pictakingisfun


  • 10w ago mkirigin1 mkirigin1

    In class I use the acronym THINK: true, helpful, important, necessary, and kind as a guideline. ❤️

  • 10w ago eetatum456 eetatum456

    @stephen_malbon it needs to be two of the three. If it’s true and necessary, it can be unkind. If it’s kind and true or kind and necessary there is no reason not to say it. If it’s kind, but neither true nor necessary, it’s probably not a real kindness to say it. If it’s untrue and unkind, it’s highly unlikely that it’s necessary.

  • 10w ago motheringarts motheringarts

    Working on this. I use the word WAIT to get present. *W-why *A-am *I *T-talking?

  • 10w ago paulina.ihnat paulina.ihnat


  • 10w ago _temetnosceteipsum _temetnosceteipsum

    communication theory - what's the medium?

  • 10w ago know_is_trite know_is_trite

    I see you doing your thing..keep working! 💎

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  • 10w ago priyapatten priyapatten

    Love your page 💗

  • 10w ago marywelchofficial marywelchofficial

    Ooohhhh ⚡️🙏🏼🔥

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  • 9w ago bebravebananalovebug bebravebananalovebug

    I love this!

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  • 8w ago dawidsosin dawidsosin

    Hello Carrie Anne. How do I contact you so I know my message will be seen by you? It's very important to me, it regards fandom matters. It's about you potentially autographing a promotional photography of a character you played. Thank you for your time.

  • 3d ago devala_apparel devala_apparel

    Thank you for sharing this. 💜🙏🏻💜

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