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"More than screen-obsessed young children, we should be concerned about tuned-out parents. The engagement between parent and child is increasingly low-quality. Parents are constantly present in their children’s lives physically, but they are less emotionally attuned. For all the talk about children’s #screentime, surprisingly little attention is paid to screen use by parents themselves, who now suffer from what the technology expert Linda Stone more than 20 years ago called “continuous partial attention.” Occasional parental inattention is not catastrophic (and may even build resilience), but chronic distraction is another story. Smartphone use has been associated with a familiar sign of addiction: Distracted adults grow irritable when their phone use is interrupted; they not only miss emotional cues but actually misread them. A tuned-out parent may be quicker to anger than an engaged one, assuming that a child is trying to be manipulative when, in reality, she just wants attention. Short, deliberate separations can of course be harmless, even healthy, for parent and child alike (especially as children get older and require more independence). But that sort of separation is different from the inattention that occurs when a parent is with a child but communicating through his or her nonengagement that the child is less valuable than an email.
Of course, adults are also suffering from the current arrangement. Many have built their daily life around the miserable premise that they can always be on—always working, always parenting, always available to their spouse and their own parents and anyone else who might need them, while also staying on top of the news, while also remembering, on the walk to the car, to order more toilet paper from Amazon.
If we can get a grip on our “technoference,” as some psychologists have called it, we are likely to find that we can do much more for our children simply by doing less—regardless of the quality of their schooling and quite apart from the number of hours we devote to them. Parents should give themselves permission to back off from the suffocating pressure to be all things to all people." (Full


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    @sandrakrasowski would never judge for a few mins,this is days & days of watching them & kids doing wat they pls & other parents having 2 step in,Ive been a single parent with 2 & they’re special needs,so I know all about no time for myself!

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    @kimmyedith it's all about balance. What do people want? As soon as humans become parents, for them to throw their phones in a police amnesty bin because by having kids we gave up our right to be connected with people and the world online?

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    There is no more tribe. That was the binding of our importance. We are all looking for our tribe... Years ago I found AP Living. What a tribe you have created. Thank you for sharing this topic that is so hard to wrap limits around.

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    Who made this collage? It’s great

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    Really looking forward to reading this. Thank you.

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    I once saw a mom actually hit her son multiple times because he was interrupting her smartphone use. It was one of the most tragic things I’ve ever seen, because it was obvious that the boy loved her and just wanted her to love him more than she loved her phone.

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    @jana_roemer I agree with both! Conscious parenting means checking in with all that we do. 💞💫

  • 11w ago fslaoui fslaoui

    Thanks for posting and bringing these issues to it attention 🙏🏼

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    Hard but necessary read!

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    Permission to back off from the suffocating pressure to be all things to all people....i needed to see this today. Ive been more than burning the candle at both ends. It feels like my candle has a milliona ends lately and no mattee what i do im always failing at something....

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    Agreed. But let’s also understand this is happening as a result of the isolation that many, especially moms, are forced to deal with on their own. Stay at home moms especially that spend long amounts of time with small children and very few to hardly any adults. See a mom at the park on her phone all the time? Yeah, I used to and sometimes I’m sure people watched me do the same. Judgement doesn’t get us anywhere tho so check your self righteousness and send the mom some love instead, OR strike up a conversation b/c heavy phone users more than likely would love more interaction in their lives!

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    @robson_junior Quero ter mto cuidado em relação a isso, para que a tecnologia não substitua a presença.

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    Yes!!! Thank you, @carrieannemoss !

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    @blackbird_institute 🙌🏻

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    @loopland 👊🏻

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    Where is the full article to read please? Thanks Carrieannemoss

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    Wow. This. So many truth bells.

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    So sad and true

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    Moment App tracks your usage.

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    @deweyweber63 the idea of using an app to reduce my use of apps seems ironic.

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    @labombonbc @dacaes food for thought!

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    So true. I experience and observe distracted everything. The relief I feel from a full conversation or time away from screens and apps is beautiful. Bring back presence.
    Thanks for this post. 🙏💜

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    Thank you for this! My thoughts exactly ❤️❤️❤️

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    This on levels, 🙏🏾🖤.

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    @liana_osgood 💪

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