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  • 33w ago thirtysofresh thirtysofresh

    I wanna go so bad, but I’m deathly allergic! Lol!

  • 33w ago katoalltrades katoalltrades

    @thirtysofresh I have allergies too but they have like 5 air purifiers running at crumbs n whiskers so if you take a claritin you might be ok. Cat cafe in west la is even cleaner. Laminate floors 2 air purifiers running and they keep the litterboxes in a back room.

  • 33w ago tienhuey tienhuey

    Omgggggg too much cuteness ☺️☺️☺️ and I see a Tybalt look-a-like 💓

  • 33w ago thirtysofresh thirtysofresh

    @katoalltrades ooooooo! Thanks for the info! Maybe I’ll give the West la one a try!

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