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  • 8w ago chubbycheekz_tasha chubbycheekz_tasha

    FROM WHOOO!!bitch talkn mad shit till cara stepped in the room "who said that?" (In my porsha voice)🤣foh that her name?🙄

  • 8w ago nikkiusmc_2010 nikkiusmc_2010

    Amanda is just horrible. She's a horrible person and a horrible competitor. The only reason she keeps winning is because of Zach. I hope she never EVER wins any season she's on. I hope none of those damn Lavender Losers ever win.

  • 8w ago fabbymonroe fabbymonroe

    Amanda is hateful indeed

  • 8w ago cherylpursley cherylpursley

    Amanda sucks!

  • 8w ago laura_vada_vibert laura_vada_vibert

    Or as @realjohnnybananas likes to call them... Lavender losers!!

  • 7w ago me.gan3613 me.gan3613

    Lol a couple EPIC things from this episode. 1- Nothing makes you look like more of a pussy ass bitch than running your mouth about someone and when they come at you to your face about it you go youfeign shock and surprise, as if you never said anything. What a dumb bitch. 2- I LOVED how Ashley felt the need to talk shit when Cara and Marie didnt do well on the challenge and then her AND that bitch Amanda both failed so fucking miserably. Way to look like a couple of chumps yall. Not to mention absolute fucking bullies. Yall can say whatever you want but at the end of the day yall are just a bunch of fucking bullies. Cara Marie at least has never stooped as low as yall do every fucking episode. I did LOVE watching Marie stand up for Cara, tho. That was amazing to see her finally say something to those catty ass petty ass girls.

  • 7w ago makibriseno makibriseno

    Cuando lo van a dar en MTV ...

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