Instagram post by @yvettoth Tóth Ivett🤙

🤩 #tbt #acdc


  • 8w ago izzyatzemiss_ izzyatzemiss_

    This was my favorite routine at the Olympics this past year! Hope to see you again in 2022.

  • 8w ago vaci_bjj vaci_bjj

    Favorite performance at Pyeongchang!

  • 8w ago kmlhorak kmlhorak

    Your AC/DC routine was my favorite last season! I watched the Lombardia Cup and your new programs are out-of-this world fantastic!! The choreography is fun and fresh and unique, and you KILLED the step sequences. You looked like you were having fun, too, which made me *smile*! Plus, your FS gave me chilllllllls. So good! Best of luck this season, Yvett!! I'm cheering for you from across the world! <333

  • 8w ago yvettoth yvettoth

    @kmlhorak thank you!🤗

  • 8w ago selengiulia4 selengiulia4


  • 8w ago russelljacksonart russelljacksonart

    Thank you for sharing! You ROCK!!!

  • 8w ago s_iam_narendran s_iam_narendran

    I'm in love with the shape of you😍 😜 sorry ed Sheeran 🙏

  • 8w ago alberto_surrentino alberto_surrentino

    My favorite figure skater! Let's rock! ⛸🎸😍

  • 8w ago stiobhard1234 stiobhard1234

    This is why i added you. You are amazing... and this skating prog made me very happy. It was the sort of thing me and my skating pal always fantasised skating to....

  • 8w ago sklwin sklwin

    I love this program. PyeongChang 2018. Thanks for the memories.

  • 8w ago romatonik romatonik

    Beautiful ☺️

  • 8w ago nadezdamorozzko nadezdamorozzko

    OMG, this is sooo coooooool 🤩

  • 8w ago kadage_kara kadage_kara

    I adore this programm, you are so strong and wonderful, Continue to share love while skating . Magyar csillag

  • 8w ago adrymaya85 adrymaya85

    Your AC/DC routine It's the best performance I've seen and it's my favorite in the world, greetings from México!! 😍❤️

  • 7w ago szarvascsaba szarvascsaba

    AC / DC 🎸😍

  • 6w ago allkeih allkeih

    Good luck at finlandia Ivett! 🇫🇮🍀👏👍

  • 3w ago nashiro3 nashiro3

    have you been thinking about doing another routine with rock n roll? 🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹

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