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Hindsight Is 20/20 Part II // 🇪🇸✈️🇫🇷Choosing to leave #Madrid after such a short time was very difficult. It had been my dream for so long and when I finally was living it, I felt as though I wasn’t doing myself any favours. Yes the city, the culture and the independence were great, but I thought to myself “I can always go and live in a great city if I want to. These college years are meant for learning. Society has gifted us with 4 years of pure education, where it is totally acceptable to do nothing but just soak up every bit of knowledge that the world has to offer.” 🌎💻📚I felt that in the magical wonderland of #AUP, I would be exposed to so much. Not as much academically as socially: The people are what made that place unique. I wanted to be shocked and I wanted my preconceptions challenged. I wanted to be shown every lens possible and use them for self-perception. I wanted to define myself, define my home, define my history. I was open to all experiences, all view points and all adventures and that openness is what was supported at that school. 👭👯‍♀️👬👯‍♀️👫🕺💃🏼Okay, so I came back to my family home, to my baba…fine, I had to fight a little harder to try and live alone again. It felt embarrassing when my inner rebel wished I run further away and I had chosen to return and stay close. I wondered if I was showing weakness by coming back and not sticking it out abroad…But now, in hindsight, I see that it was showing strength. Strength is facing your demons and your past. Strength is facing your family and setting your own rules. Strength is admitting you were wrong and making a tough choice with pride. In choosing to return to #Paris and to AUP, I made the decision to look inward instead of outward. 💆🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧠💪🏽For all those reasons, I am who I am today. I am where I am. I know what I know. So thank you again, to Madrid, for being a #dream and for compelling me to build the strength I needed to decide my own reality. 🙏🏽🌈🙃


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