Instagram post by @a_walk_with_winnie Anubis and Winnie


  • 11w ago lauristrauss lauristrauss

    So sweet!

  • 11w ago lilliancollazo lilliancollazo

    She need to rest go girl good ☺️🙋🏼‍♀️😁👍🏻🐕

  • 11w ago kerryhiker27 kerryhiker27

    How did you train her for hiking and all it’s potential dangers to her.would love to do the same with my Millie as she is the happiest when out and about

  • 11w ago juliaemanson juliaemanson

    How all dogs should live

  • 11w ago nickijjudson nickijjudson

    All tuckered out

  • 11w ago keevan_martingergle keevan_martingergle

    such a precious lil wubs

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