Instagram post by @stephstwogirls Steph Curtis

Smiling again. Kind of. Can you see the stress around my eyes? Some of it has lifted; now to do some exercise and get those endorphins flowing to help with the rest.
Sasha has gone in this morning; it was touch and go, as she woke up late so was very tired. When she realised that she had left both her school cardigans at school and her coat, she hid under the duvet and cried that she couldn’t go - wearing anything else was not a possibility as one of her biggest anxieties at the moment is being looked at, or judged, for being different.
So it took all my skills (no breakfast or even cup of tea for me then 🙄) to persuade her that it was OK to go without cardigan or coat, and because of her late waking, I had to get her out of the house in a shorter timescale than usual without stressing her about the time pressure. Honestly, I think I need a medal. If only everyone felt that way (and there were actual medals handed out, chocolate ones preferably?!). Sasha wasn’t happy to be going in, and she said she would stay sad all day. So there’s mixed feelings here; hoping that this does work out long term and that it is the right place for her to be. Time will tell.

My day is going to involve more emails and diary noting (after the exercise) so nothing too exciting as I sit and wonder how it’s going. Shoulder back though, I’m feeling strong and ready to fight this fight today. Do you like my new jumper? Great inspiration from @journeycurious 😁


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