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📷 @jamesrelfdyer | Hike the Mount Lee & the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trail to get this view ✨ Park in the paved lot at the top of Canyon Drive. Walk north along the road, passing Camp Hollywood Land. Concrete quickly gives way to a dirt fire road that traces the hillside, ridge on your right, tree-filled canyon down to your left. At the 1.7-mile mark of your hike, you'll encounter a fork. Take the right. Plenty of horse poop lines the path, since stables are right below you, but it’s easily avoidable. The trail remains fairly flat, dry and exposed on the final rise. Once you reach pavement, take a right and climb. Near the top, you'll encounter white fence, views of the brown Griffith Park back country and the green Forest Lawn Cemetery. Corkscrew around to the south side of the mountain to see Lake Hollywood Reservoir and dead end at radio towers. Look down to see the Hollywood Sign’s towering white letters and to soak in panoramic views of L.A., then reverse field for a mainly downhill hike to the parking lot. | Distance: 6.1 miles. Address: 3200 Canyon Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068. #discoverLA


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