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Any restaurant that serves killer food while playing #jesusandmarychain is my kinda place! 🎶
So, my husband takes me down a sketchy, empty back people anywhere...I figure this’ll be my last anniversary, when we walk into the coolest place ever...11-course meal with drinks to match...graffiti on the walls & literally the soundtrack from my youth playing while I had the best meal of my life!! Best. Experience. Ever. 🥂
The hilarious part was when the song ‘Electricity’ came on, & at the same exact time, another woman & I said “Oh my God!!! OMD!’ & danced in our seat, as both of our husbands looked at us like we were crazy! Oh, & the waiter said he had never met anyone married as long as we’ve been! #ithasbeenforever #27years #momofukuko #jesusandmarychain #neworder #echoandthebunnymen #bestmealever #davidchang #thebowery #youvegottago #onceuponatimeisnow #bestsakeever #latergram


  • 12w ago mbreinventioncouture mbreinventioncouture

    Sounds like a blast!! Love the same music and my husband of 31 years still gets embarrassed when I start dancing anywhere.

  • 12w ago meloovintage meloovintage

    @mbreinventioncouture Ha!! That’s funny! We’d be the perfect double date! The men could casually look away & talk amongst themselves while we danced in our chairs!! 😁

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