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❤️Walt Disney’s Office❤️I’ve had the opportunity to walk the streets of Disneyland where Walt walked, to visit his Disneyland apartment, to peruse his barn in Griffith Park, and even to visit his gravesite. None of those gave me the chills like I experienced when I walked the hallways to Walt’s office at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Thinking of all the ways he influenced the world in that very office was overwhelming. Walt’s office 1940-1966. The @waltdisneyarchives is responsible for the restoring, upkeep, and management of Walt’s office. #WaltWednesday #WaltDisney #WaltDisneyStudios #Burbank #California #thankyouwalt #thankyouallen #disney #waltagram #california #animation #liveaction #film #innovation #technology #creativity #organization #dreams #magic


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  • 8w ago crystalrene915 crystalrene915

    Have you heard anything about a Disney park in Nashville? I know it sounds crazy but someone told my husband this today.

  • 8w ago mojodisney mojodisney

    @bruiser915 rumors like that have circled for years. Not gonna happen. Trust me. Just folklore.

  • 8w ago jenirunsdisney jenirunsdisney

    I had the same feelings two years ago when I saw his office. It is so emotional. Our tour guide was so thorough and awesome. This was literally the best day of my life.

  • 8w ago sherryboswell_ sherryboswell_

    I would geek out over this!

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