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Amazon is reportedly considering opening 3,000 of its cashierless stores by 2021, Bloomberg said on Wednesday, based on conversations with people familiar with the matter.
Amazon's push into retail would threaten the likes of convenience stores and fast-food chains across the U.S. selling items for customers in a pinch for time.
Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger shares all dropped on the report.
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  • 8w ago bccm12 bccm12

    @colten_mg I agree

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    @anargela_ pak jeff menggila

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  • 8w ago imbaylorpillow imbaylorpillow

    we really need to be making a bigger deal about this. jobs are being taken away from the most financially vulnerable citizens. Bezos needs to be held accountable.

  • 8w ago shelle4u shelle4u

    yo government isnt this the definition of a monopoly?!

  • 8w ago izz.kip izz.kip


  • 8w ago backseatpolitician backseatpolitician

    @al.snipes I think there are two in Seattle and a third location somewhere else. Look up the store on YouTube. A couple of different YouTubers have done videos on it. It's pretty cool actually.

  • 8w ago joe_rock_it joe_rock_it

    RIP 💀

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    #broadband #Bigband #gigeconomy #fiberoptics #5gverizon 🛰📡

  • 8w ago peter_vandeventer peter_vandeventer

    The one in Seattle is nice

  • 8w ago peter_vandeventer peter_vandeventer

    @caharrell5 it's pretty easy though, you just put stuff on tour cart and have your Amazon account hooked up, you just walk out of the store and it automatically charges your account. It's pretty good when you want to go out and just get a few things. It has a niche

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    @psyop01 biblical prophecy almost 2000 years ago

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  • 8w ago amannaheysea amannaheysea


  • 8w ago cindypega cindypega

    I dont support this tho

  • 8w ago martha_lidia martha_lidia

    Man .. less jobs . Fuh Amazon

  • 8w ago april_g_rocks april_g_rocks

    The whole idea of Amazon so I do not have to go to a store at all so this is the feeding their purpose I won’t be shopping in an Amazon store when I can shop for my couch

  • 8w ago april_g_rocks april_g_rocks

    People don’t even like to go to the Whole Foods food stores either it’s so inconvenient. This is not gonna work

  • 8w ago freezoldak freezoldak

    🤔 When does a company become a monopoly?

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  • 8w ago hmkay0301 hmkay0301

    @jack.nichls yes in theory but it usually takes a good amount of time for people to learn the skills needed for these new jobs. Do you believe individuals competing for a cashier job already hold the skills necessary for these new jobs? Of course not or else they wouldn't be competing for a cashier position. These people are going to have limited opportunities for employment in the meantime and it is not easy for all to attend some type of school to learn these new skills.

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    @action_slax 👆🏼

  • 8w ago diycareerguy diycareerguy

    Job Apocalypse or just the next phase of AI & innovations that the labor market needs to adjust to? I say it’s combination of both. We’ll see another recession soon, there’s no question, but I think we’ll come out if that one w/ a better sense of how to coexist with the tech better as workers.

  • 8w ago antonioleonetti_ antonioleonetti_

    Nel lungo termine rimane valido @vinx10

  • 8w ago davidjung4111 davidjung4111

    Amazon should put self checkout

  • 8w ago xpert_wanderer xpert_wanderer

    Retail Redefined

  • 8w ago forexgen forexgen

    You need to find another line of work... quickly

  • 8w ago forexgen forexgen

    @jack.nichls ridiculous. So those coal jobs haven't been lost? And those railroad workers are still working? And the manager at blockbuster is now a content creator for Netflix?

  • 8w ago xroyalty_capitalx xroyalty_capitalx

    You can tell Bezos just hates paying for workers smh

  • 8w ago davidw1961 davidw1961

    So not only will they be hiring less employees, but the consumer has to do the work a cashier would do.

  • 8w ago nrinkofsanity888 nrinkofsanity888

    @jack.nichls u sound stupid like if ever one has college educations and has a equal starte at life

  • 8w ago beginercook beginercook

    Maybe the government should enforce a law obliging companies to hire labour instead of finding ways to eliminate it...

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  • 8w ago mikeertt mikeertt

    We don't need people stop breeding

  • 8w ago bosedevdatta bosedevdatta

    How many jobs will go ?

  • 8w ago michellelam_nyc michellelam_nyc


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