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  • 17w ago myemouna myemouna

    Cara's even though she has done a lot I don't agree with, I just don't like the ganging up!! Especially from Ashley like she knew what you did was wrong, because when it happened you lied because she didn't want Cara to be mad at her!!! So why are you mad at Cara?

  • 17w ago malikisnotpetty malikisnotpetty

    Team Marie only

  • 17w ago layaa.17x layaa.17x

    Honestly...cara. I’m like Marie, I don’t like seeing people gang up on 🤷🏽‍♀️ plus I don’t think she’s that bad even though I don’t agree with some things she does. Cara is overall a great competitor

  • 17w ago derekdefense_ derekdefense_

    #teamcaramarie obviously she and Marie and maybe Sylvia right now r the more sane than these stupid mean girl lavender ladies. I loved how Marie stood up for her partner you go girl @mar8e

  • 17w ago taajoneil12 taajoneil12

    Team Lavender Ladies

  • 17w ago shinda_immazoe shinda_immazoe


  • 17w ago mtvxedits mtvxedits

    Team @misscaramaria and @mar8e

  • 17w ago robertrehermann robertrehermann

    Team @misscaramaria & @mar8e

  • 17w ago amberfallon amberfallon

    Team Cara. You never tell someone you wish their animal passes away. Plus, there was no reason to gang up on her like that no matter how angry they were. The hits the girl’s were taking were to hurt Cara to the core and there was no reason for that.

  • 17w ago amberfallon amberfallon

    I have so much respect for @mar8e btw. She did the right thing trying to defuse the situation.

  • 17w ago ikonicwongs ikonicwongs

    Cara, Amanda seems like such a bully here. Talking bout "ugly girl" "weirdo" thats fucking bullying. Marie may be Cara's vendetta, but she's not a bully and I honestly love Marie after this. this is gorss

  • 17w ago johnherbut johnherbut

    @mtv_amanda you’re a sad, sad chick

  • 17w ago redrosechallenge redrosechallenge

    @malikisnotpetty bitch

  • 17w ago malikisnotpetty malikisnotpetty

    @redrosechallenge but Cara is a cute girl ❤️

  • 17w ago reginaaaphalange reginaaaphalange

    Amanda is such a gross person wtf

  • 17w ago fuckhigh fuckhigh


  • 17w ago dbabes101 dbabes101

    Amanda is the worst!! She hasn't done shit in this game except be dramatic and a shitty excuse for a woman. #getthehelloveryourself @mtv_amanda

  • 17w ago not.gabbie_ not.gabbie_

    I’m on Amanda’s side. Cara been acting like a weak bitch ALL SEASON. Also you have to read ab what they’re saying REALLY happened. Y’all know production loves to twist shit and leave out details.

  • 17w ago __scirastydia__ __scirastydia__

    @not.gabbie_ and Amanda has just been acting like a bitch!! Sooo...

  • 17w ago ginaann616 ginaann616

    I can’t stand Amanda!!! Her voice is annoying and she can’t do shit. Ugh ugly inside and out!!! Lavender Ladies? More like fucktards!!

  • 16w ago not.gabbie_ not.gabbie_

    @hugoomourao it’s not like she was finna go slaughter a horse. 😂 y’all so sensitive. fuck out my mentions.

  • 7w ago lucamdalfonso lucamdalfonso


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