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I am without a doubt an oil painter at heart. There’s just a softness and mood to it that I can NOT get with any other paint. I fucking love it. Now that I have a semi studio space with better ventilation I’m definitely going back to my routes.
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  • 17w ago

    Also, if anyone has any tips for painting with oils as non-toxically as possible, feel free to drop a comment. I plan on switching to Turpenoid Natural as well as walnut oil 👍🏼

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  • 17w ago kenzicoxpaintings kenzicoxpaintings

    I tried to use acrylics for the sake of $$ but I'm so with you! I returned to oil in a flash!

  • 17w ago

    @kenzicoxpaintings some of my aesthetics will still call for acrylic but ugh I love oil ❤️ I should probably give open acrylics a fair shot tho lol

  • 17w ago

    That is awesome!!! I’ve only used oils once and I loved them. But with almost no ventilation I’m sticking with acrylics lol

  • 17w ago for sure that’s def your best bet. Ima try a solvent free approach too ✌🏼 probably don’t need as much ventilation

  • 17w ago kenzicoxpaintings kenzicoxpaintings haha I should just give them a fair shot to begin with lol

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    Beautiful! Visit our bio to be posted!

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    This is a lovely picture

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