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The moment I found out I was pregnant 🤰 with my second child I kept thinking “oh I’ll have so much more to write about for the blog. Su much content. So much insight”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve just been silent. My brain half the time has no idea what is going on. Between figuring out how to control my #threenager ‘s tantrums/back talk and getting to know and understand the new babe I’m left with mush behind my eyes. I’ve been writing several personal pieces but always stop short or haven’t hit the publish button out of sheer terror of putting something so personal out there, but that’s why I started this blog. To connect. To share my experiences. To let others know they aren’t alone even though I feel it a lot of times. I’ve been praying for strength to move forward and keep going and I know the lord has been speaking to me lately. I’m ready to open up again, to come out of my post-partum shell. Let’s do this! New content coming in the next day or 2! I have some stuff on #puppps, trying for a #vbac and losing my brother to addiction that ravaged his life. Deep stuff people!


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