Instagram post by @life.of.three.arrows Beth Arrowsmith

Happy Wednesday y'all!

The sickness from last week is still hitting my preschool. We are all over this random sickness🤢🤮💩 and the lack of symptoms. I'm just so thankful that Cody nor I have gotten sick. (Thanks to the best multivitamins🌱🍉🍋!!) #guthealthforthewin
Yesterday was an interesting 💩 day (to say the least) and I'm staying positive for a good day today (and hopefully less interesting)! Haha! 😂

Today I'll be happy 😁 no matter what happens. Today I'm going to do the best I can🏅!! Today I'm going to be good and kind😇!! Quite frankly, I try to live by these words daily.
I hope y'all live by these words as well and enjoy your day to the fullest.

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