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  • 17w ago 83lollol 83lollol

    How old is Jett now Shaz?

  • 17w ago shazkaur79 shazkaur79

    @83lollol he's 3 and a half now! How's fudge doing? ❤️

  • 17w ago bucket_lust bucket_lust

    Your dog is adorable

  • 17w ago shazkaur79 shazkaur79

    @bucket_lust aww thank you 😊 I'm totally biased but I think so too❤️

  • 17w ago 83lollol 83lollol

    @shazkaur79 he’s fine, he’s also cute he could get away with most things. There have been puppy eyes and puppy faces pulled and I’ve melted! Should meet up one day n walk them, Fudge loves a good run :-)

  • 17w ago shazkaur79 shazkaur79

    @83lollol definitely! Chester park is really good for letting the boy off for a run about, I usually go down on a Sunday if u fancy it one weekend ❤️

  • 17w ago 83lollol 83lollol

    Can do, im caught up this weekend but hopefully in a fortnights time I should be good. I have chopwell woods up the road not to mention woods behind me and I’m on the doorstep of the Derwent Walk

  • 17w ago shazkaur79 shazkaur79

    @83lollol sounds good, looking forward to our doggy date ❤️

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