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  • 12w ago the_lucky_psaiko the_lucky_psaiko

    "DEW IT!" -Senate :v

  • 12w ago cynthiabrivero cynthiabrivero

    The force be with you..........

  • 12w ago pedrodemigod89 pedrodemigod89

    May the force be with you...Always

  • 12w ago stlnvngo stlnvngo

    Luke: You want the impossible. [sees Yoda use the Force to levitate the X-Wing out of the bog, in disbelief] I don't... I don't believe it!

    Yoda: That is why you fail.

  • 11w ago sekarkusumaningrum14 sekarkusumaningrum14

    Thats how we're going to win. Not fighting those we hate. By saving those we love 🌹

  • 11w ago jcgardea jcgardea

    Please tell Bob Iger and KK: It’s not that the movies were released too close to each other. It’s not a matter of volume. It’s a matter of writing the stories and directing them the right way, no matter how long it takes. It’s was about paying respect to the OT that had the most iconic lore and characters in movie history. It’s a matter of quality, and I don’t mean production, (they are very well produced). It doesn’t matter if it takes 5 months or 5 years between movies, it’s about getting it right.

  • 11w ago jcgardea jcgardea

    There certainly is no try.

  • 9w ago theworldismine.rec theworldismine.rec

    hell yeah

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