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While not exactly a chromophobe, @nealbeckstedt was never—by his own admission—an interior designer you’d go to for rooms bursting with color. Known for warmly modern schemes, where refined materials, rich textures, and sculptural furnishings tend to be the statement gestures, he has typically deployed color with a reserve that falls somewhere between judicious and parsimonious. And yet. . . . When a friend connected him with a Hong Kong–based couple who were looking to renovate a Manhattan pied-à-terre, Beckstedt knew right away that the project was going to take him out of his chromatic comfort zone. “They loved color. In particular, their art collection was super vibrant and bold. That became the starting point,” says the designer, whose initial acquisitions for the apartment included an eye-catching Max Lamb dining table made of engineered terrazzo, seen here. Speckling the table’s surface are flecks of bluish green, golden yellow, and punchy persimmon red—colors that Beckstedt adopted for neighboring walls and furniture fabrics. If this palette marks a departure for Beckstedt, certain hallmarks remain. “I’m always pushing pottery—there’s just a warmth and a depth to it,” says the designer, who chose ceramics ranging from a modern Berndt Friberg vase to recent sculptural vessels by @thehaasbrothers. Visit the link in our profile to see more of the home. Photo by @ericpiasecki; text by @stephen_wallis


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