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Baby got back. Wait... Baby don’t want no banana back? Oh

Trying to get rid of the arches in your handstand?

The secret to eliminating the curves in your inversions is through engaging seemingly opposing actions to create to stability. The only thing that will keep your spine and hips still is muscular engagements.

I’ve been teaching this 90/90 handstand split version to shorten the stance a little and emphasize the engagement between posterior pelvic tilt, hip extension and spinal flexion.

Try these exercises:
In Bridge work on maintaining posterior pelvic tilt and the moving into hip extension without arching your back. For posterior pelvic tilt think pulling your front waistband up, back waistband down and holding it tightly. Press into the floor with your heal to move the hips forward into extension and hug the low rib in and down towards your waistband. Try this while holding the other leg in hip flexion at 90 degrees and pushing against the leg with the hand to maintain muscle tension. Remember tension is your friend in the static handstand. Next try this from table top maintaining these engagements while pushing yourself back to a downward dog shape. Finally test these activations in chest facing the wall and kicking up with your back facing the wall. If you’re doing these activations your weight should not fall towards the wall. Tag someone that’s frustrated with their handstand practice. I’m happy to answer any questions 🤸‍♂️👊


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