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A weekend that could not have challenged us more.
Aqua plane in FP2
Huge highside in qualifying
Just for the engine to give way in race 1.
Luckily we got out in race two on the old one.
But oh my, we were challenged.


  • 4w ago timtom1320 timtom1320

    May not have been the weekend you wanted but use it as a learning curve ready for next time 👍👍👍

  • 4w ago reece.b99 reece.b99

    Wow you have great luck 😂

  • 4w ago aaronnewman65 aaronnewman65

    you did really well jodie good to watch so dont be down hearted keep your head up you soon will be up there :)

  • 4w ago joshfzs600 joshfzs600

    Done well out there thought old engine on wet tyres on a dry track and had good pace well doje


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