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So excited to announce my ONE AND ONLY show at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January! Opening the show will be the 2019 Toyota Star Maker Winner ⭐️Tickets on sale now! Link in bio


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  • 18w ago downunderghost downunderghost

    Not a fan when artists only do one show at the TCMF. It’s suppose to be the showcase event for a country music and artists do 1 show. As a local this saddens me our festival is losing its shine for more reasons than this.

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    @downunderghost Hi there! You’ll find that Tamworth has over 700 performers every year during the festival. There’s plenty of shows & acts to go see 🤗

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    @missylancastermusic understand that, it’s just a shame that big name recording artists like yourself doing 1 show makes it hard locals still working and if you only have 1 show it makes it hard to see your favourite artists. I guess that’s more my point. I support the festival. Just wanting to see a full show of yours is all

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    Love your content!😎We should collaborate, reach out in my DM 📩

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