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Rollercoaster chaos


  • 17w ago reve_artistic77 reve_artistic77

    Tq so much Bee.. #goodforme #lifemustgoon #allahisthebestplanner

  • 17w ago bobpanerai bobpanerai

    Silence is very good

  • 17w ago wiebkek4 wiebkek4

    Mmh yes

  • 17w ago

    Salam sume !!!! nak kuruskan badan 5-10 kg dalam mase 10 hari,tanpa berlapar? boleh follow my ig 😊☺😘

  • 17w ago tm_ishak tm_ishak

    So true. Sometimes its SO overwhelming that you just have to remain still and take a deep breath. Allah SWT is so near. He will take care of everything eventhough the odds are against you.

  • 17w ago itslinahassan itslinahassan


  • 17w ago aida.ds_trg aida.ds_trg

    Sure you will pass this rollercoaster chaos.. 😉 maybe just one of your 30 bad moments in this year.. but u still have 1000 beautiful ones.. 💕

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