Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

This snack from UHA Mikakuto is called Korokke no Manma (Basically Croquettes maybe, or Literally Croquettes). They are desiccated, miniaturized potato croquettes, which doesn’t sound promising I know. However, they are really addictive -crispy and very potato-y. The package on the left is the original flavor, and the one on the right is the “don’t dip twice” Osaka-style sauce flavor (sauce as in Bulldog-style sauce). I prefer the original flavor.
The same line, which is called Sozai no Manma (Literally Dinner Side Dishes) includes desiccated butter sauteed mushrooms, desiccated chicken and cashew nuts, desiccated shrimp shumai dumplings and more. So far I’ve tried the shumai. They aren’t as good as the croquettes, but they do actually taste like, well, crunchy shumai/siumai. (ETA: The line was just introduced in Japan a few months ago so don’t be disappointed if it isn’t available yet elsewhere.)
Japanese snack foods are so much fun, I swear. Forget all about Michelin starred restaurants and expensive sushi places and kaiseki and shit. I want to write a book about Japanese snack food. 😁


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