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51 years round the sun:♥️♥️
Inspired by this poem today by #carmelenesiani posted on @elephantjournal
Let me be relieved to know that my past is no longer my past
that it is instead my history—
my story of me—
and that it no longer has a hold on me.

Let me look at my body and see beauty,
Not the beauty of the curved hip and the raised breast,
but simply beauty

Let me look at my children and see them not as I thought I shaped them
or as I thought I influenced them
but exactly as they are
separate and apart from me
while at the same time
connected to me

Let me remember that everything is old and everything is new
that the world is either/or as well as both/and
that art is the only thing that make sense
and that music can take me across the bridge to the other side

Let me remember that God is made of stories not religions
that kindness changes everything
that war is never good
that 90 percent of what we see in others is projection
that the truth is worth whatever it costs to
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    To engasgada com a beleza ❤️ dessa mulher

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    You're like wine!

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    I miss u mam..

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    Você é linda Carrie !

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    @hungryheartcafe miss you !!!

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    Happy Birthday!!

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    😍Trinity 😍😗❤️

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    That's a lot of enlightening thoughts in one poem! I'm diggin this. 👌 ❤👊

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    Hi CarrieAnne

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    could you send me your email

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    Happy Belated birthday Beauty to the CORE! My favorite The Class dance partner!

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    Still a badass though!!!! ❤️❤️❤️Love from 🇨🇾🇬🇷

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    @jadapinkettsmith you both are!!! Shining more light to the world!!! You vibrate so loud we can feel it in the Mediterranean!!! You and husband will!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Forever beautiful !!

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    Happy belated birthday lovely lady. You are a great inspiration to me 💗

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    From this I feel lighter~ ~~~ @carrieannemoss

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    Absolutely Beautiful ♥️
    I have always admired You; So Much Beauty in you’re Mystique...

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    Truly beautiful, inside and out!

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    @jadapinkettsmith olá gostaria te te enviar uma história por email que Chama-se " A Lágrima não tem Cor " me passa seu email por direct ?

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    @carrieannemoss You are the most beautiful woman😩♥️♥️♥️

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    I'm the 18th happy belated!

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    ahhhh....lovely.....lovely woman xx

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    Wow!!!! Beautiful poem!!! Wonderful reminder!! THANK YOU!! And happy belated bday!! 💖💖💖

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    @ameri.amir1378 اصلا رویاهامو فانتزیام داغون شدن خیلی خوب بود لنتی کلا شکست عشقی خوردم😟😖

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    I invested my morning reading your blog but more importantly listening to your conversation with @kellybroganmd and while so much of the dialogue is powerful and impactful, I kept hearing her proclaim that “one in four women, the women we need to be awake and ready” are prescribed medications that alter our capacity to function (i.e., antidepressants, anti anxiety meds) and this has been alarming to me for years. We have ‘influencers’ in this rabid social realm that tout their love of lexapro and more as if it’s a casual choice and I’m disturbed by it all. There are those of us who truly depend on pharmaceuticals to maintain their lives for legitimate mental health issue and for them I say amen, better to be treated than suffer, but statistically 1000’s of women are taking these toxic, addicting drugs mindlessly, literally and not realizing or worse already dependent and afraid to come off them, compounding their symptoms not healing their minds or their bodies. I would raise all the money in the world to support any effort to pull together legit experts and healers for panels and workshops and more to bring together any woman who wanted to attend days and days of alternative solutions to their mental health issues and as a pack of awake females collectively heal one another so we can be as capable as we can to heal this world. Thank you for emails and posts and sharing your conversations. OX

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    Happy Birthday - thank you for being such a wonderful, positive and spiritual influence on me. I hope you had a wonderful birthday ✨✨✨✨

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    This is so beautiful. I am so grateful for your wisdom and grace on this planet. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. 🙏💐 PS So fun run into you + your family last month! 💕

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    you are beautiful❤️


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