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GUILDS OF LONDON | In late #medieval #london the #guilds played a major role. 🛡The members of the guilds were rich men, who were appointed to the most influential positions in the community. 💰In #guildsoflondon you strategically place your liverymen to achieve the status of #master in many guilds. I didn't like the game the first time I played it and now it was okay untill the final scoring phase. My boyfriend and I were tied for the win and then he pulled 50+ bonuspoints from his hat🤦🏼‍♀️ #fml ..#bgg #boardgamegeek #gamestagram #gamenight #boardgame #boardgames #jeuxdesociete #jocsdetaula #juegosdemesa #giochidatavolo #brettspiel #brætspil #bordspel #tabletopgames #unitedkingdom @tastyminstrel


  • 12w ago willbeplayin willbeplayin

    I still haven't gotten this to the table 😥

  • 12w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @willbeplayin Well, I told my boyfriend I never ever wanna play it again ☹️

  • 12w ago mattiasdeparcq mattiasdeparcq

    @elinejansens 💔💔💔

  • 12w ago quietrobotgames quietrobotgames

    That 50 point bonus is rather intense 😨. A small bonus is understandable, but that's just like having the carpet pulled out from underneath you.

  • 12w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @quietrobotgames During the game you can collect end goal cards. Some are straightforward and others are much harder. Some you can work on throughout the game and some you can only fulfill on the last turn. Don't like how they created suck a big divide in end scoring.

  • 12w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @mattiasdeparcq still never ever 🙃

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